Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Journey Girl Mikaella

Holiday Journey Girl Released…and it's not Jordanna!

I was at Toys R Us today looking for the new outfits that are out on their website (  Sadly they did not have any of the new dresses.  I found something 10 times better.  A new doll!!!

That's right, Toys R Us released their Special Edition Holiday doll, but it is not Jordanna.  They are introducing a brand new girl named Mikaella.  She has the new face sculpt similar to Kyla's. There are two versions of her, both with different photos of real girls on the back, but with the same story.

New Mikaella Journey Girl (brunette)
New Mikaella Journey Girl (blonde)

 She has a wonderful purple dress on, not quite as fancy as Jordanna's, but still stunning.  Mikaella has on purple heels that match her dress as well as black gloves, a faux fur vest/shrug, a pearl bracelet, a large "diamond" necklace, and a purse that matches her outfit.

I like the new face sculpt, but hope that not everyone of the girls will get it.  Mikaella has stunning dark blue eyes or dark brown eyes (depending on which one you get).
Mikaella either has stunning dark blue eyes

 or Mikaella has beautiful brown eyes.
I will have a full review of Mikaella (blonde version) later this week.  I just wanted to let you know that she is out there.  They are both beautiful…so if you can pick them both up.  I'm sure they will be hard to find near the holidays.

This is the back of the box for brunette Mikaella.  There is no difference between the backs.

I am a little disappointed that Toys R Us gave us two different versions of Mikaella, rather than two different girls.  They are both awesome though!

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Anonymous said...

Just randomly found your blog searching for images of this doll. Thank you so much for sharing. LOVE the blog!