Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hide and Seek

The Journey Girls Pass the Time With a Game of Hide and Seek.

"Well, what are we going to do now?" asked Kelsey.  "We've played spoons…now what should we do?

"Kyla held up her hand and pointed to the ceiling .  "I have an idea!" she exclaimed.  "Let's play hide and seek.  I'll count."

"Okay.  That sounds fun," Kelsey says.  The other girls agree.  Kyla leans against the couch and begins counting.  "1…2…3…"

The other girls scramble through out the house to find hiding spots.

"8…9…10.  Ready or not, here I come!" Kyla opened her eyes and headed out of the living room.

She  hears someone snicker.  Where are they? she thinks.  She hears another snicker.  It's coming from the dining room.  She walks in and spots Kelsey lying on one of the chairs.

"I see you Kelsey."  

"Oh, darn.  I'm no good at hiding." complains Kelsey as she giggles and crawls out of her hiding spot.

"Alright, I'm going to go find the others.  You wait in the living room."

Kyla walks upstairs.  She checks the closet in the bedroom upstairs, but no one is there.  She wanders down the hallway into another room.

There she sees shoes sticking out of from under the curtains.

Kyla walks over to the curtains, pulling the curtains back.  "I found you!"

Mikaella laughs.  "I thought I had hid better."

Mikaella heads downstairs as Kyla looks in Kelsey's room.  There has got to be someone in here.  Maybe in the toy chest or under the bed.   Kyla looks in those spots, but doesn't find anyone.

There is a little space between two pieces of furniture.  Hiding way in the back is Jordanna.

"Ah-ha!" Kyla shouts. "Found you.  Found you!"

"Am I the last one?" asks Jordanna. "Do I get to count next?"

"No.  I haven't found Dana yet," Kyla surmises.  "She must be hiding really well."

Kyla heads back downstairs.  She checks in the dining room again.  She checks the kitchen.  She even looks in the living room, even though there would be no way that Dana could have hidden there.

She is walking towards the dining room one more time thinking to herself, where could she be?

Then, as she is about to give up Kyla hears a sneeze from the closet.

She whips the door open.  "There you are!" She shouts in excitement.

Dana smiles and says, "I thought you'd never find me."

The other girls comment on what a good hiding spot Dana found.  Then Dana puts her head on the couch, closes her eyes, and starts to count.  They all scatter; off to find a new hiding spot and play another game of hide and seek.


Ellie said...

So fun! I love it :)

- Ellie

Izzy Squizzy said...

Awesome! Your dolls are so cute! I have Kyla as well, and I named her "Rose." Love your blog! :)

A girl and her dolls said...

I love Jordanna's outfit.. Is it Journey Girl?
I have given myself away many times by sneezing, too. So frustrating!!

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Izzy. Kyla is super cute!

JGKelsey said...

Jordanna's outfit is from Our Generation. It is actually two outfits that are combined.

Farrah Lily said...

This is so cute. Great photos! Little Jordana is just adorable. Probably the cutest one!

Unknown said...

That is cute! I am always the first one found in hide and seek. Also, where do you get all those awesome doll clothes? I love them!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get Kyla's outfit? You always have the best doll clothes!

Magda said...

You said that Callie said that it would be fun yet she isn't in the story.