Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tea Time with Chavonne and Callie

Meredith Invites Chavonne and Callie Over for a Special Tea Party

Meredith welcomes Callie and Chavonne to her home.  "Come on in ladies," Meredith welcomes. "If you ladies will take a seat at the table, I'll be right back with your tea."   

The girls sit down at the table.  "This is so nice," says Callie.

Chavonne echoes Callie's sentiments "Yeah.  Meredith is wonderful to do this for us.  I wonder what all she has in store for us?"

Just as Chavonne finished contemplating what Meredith had planned for them, Meredith appeared with tea cups, tea, and a tea kettle.  

"May I pour you both a cup of tea?" Meredith asked.

"Yes, please," Chavonne says, holding out her tea cup.  Meredith pours the hot water into the cup, leaving enough room in the cup for some sugar and cream.  "Thank you very much."

Chavonne puts a Vanilla Chai Tea bag into her tea cup.  Meredith pours water into Callie's cup.  Callie chooses a Red Velvet tea.  She dips the tea bag into her cup, let's it steep, and then lifts the tea bag out of the cup.

"Tea is better with a little cream and sugar," says Callie.

Callie pours some cream into her tea then scoops two lumps of sugar in.

Chavonne holds up her cup of tea as Callie does the same.   "Cheers!" Chavonne says as she taps her cup to Callie's cup. 

"This is such good tea," Callie comments as she sips her warm tea.  As the girls marvel at how delicious their tea is, Meredith walks in with a tray of goodies in her arms.

"I have cucumber or strawberry finger sandwiches, fresh fruit tarts, scones, some cookies, and my favorite, macaroons.  I made them all the last few days."

"How are we ever going to decide," Callie contemplates.  "All of them look so good.  You made them yourself?"

"Yes.  I wanted to have something special for you both," responded Meredith.

Callie looks at the plate and knows right away that she wants a macaroon. She takes a pink one from the side.  "That is a raspberry rose macaroon," explains Meredith. "It's got a hint of rose in the cookie, but the cream in the middle is all raspberry." 

Meredith turns to Chavonne with the tray.

Chavonne's eyes darted from item to item on the tray.  She finally decides on a macaroon.  "I think I'll try a macaroon also," she declares as she takes the macaroon off the tray.

"That is an excellent choice.  It's a lemon wafer with lemon curd filling," explains Meredith.

"These look amazing, Meredith," says Chavonne.

"Oh my gosh…totally!" agrees Callie.  "I'm sure they'll taste as good as they look."

Meredith puts the tray in the middle of table saying, "I'll leave you ladies alone.  Enjoy!"

Callie and Chavonne eat their macaroons.   "Ohhhh…this is amazing!" moans Callie.  

"Mine too.  The only bad thing…"Chavonne says.  Callie gives her a quizzical look. Chavonne finishes "I want to eat the whole plate!"   Callie and Chavonne laugh, eat their macaroons, and finish their tea.


M said...

Love it!

Nonna @ mommysdollclub.com said...

Great use of props! Wonderful little story!