Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Generation Country Fair Outfit

Journey Girls Trying on a New OG Outfit

Our Generation released a whole slew of new outfits this past month.  A few of them look like all of the other outfits they have out, others though are very cute.  Today’s review is on “Country Fair”; a very cute western inspired outfit.

The outfit comes with a pink plaid, button up shirt, a soft pink skirt with denim suspenders attacked to it, brown plastic boots, and a red headband style bow.

The shirt has Velcro up the front to make it easier to get on.  The sleeves are loose on Mikaella’s arms, but not puffy.  Very cute.  The shirt is big on Mikaella.  Since the Velcro is in the front there is really no way to tighten the shirt without altering it.  It doesn’t look bad though, even if it is a little loose.

The skirt is made of two layers: a pink cotton underskirt, and then a top chiffon layer.  This softens the look of the skirt.  Around the waist is a denim strip of fabric that matches the overall’s material.  There is Velcro in the back of the skirt, but you won’t need it, this skirt is big on Mikaella.  The overall straps are sewn on the back of the skirt and attach using buttons up front.  By crossing the straps in the back you can get the skirt up higher, but it is still loose and low.   It’s a bit surprising, since the Our Generation dolls are the same height as the Journey Girls and have the same torso length.  Meaning that this outfit would be too long for the dolls it is designed for. 

The boots are the big, bulky, plastic boots that come with a lot of the standard outfits from Our Generation.  They are a little different design, but not enough of a change to make a huge difference.  The hair bow is nice.  It’s great to have it as a headband, rather than just a clip in bow…those never seem to stay in very well.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 7 –  This outfit is usually right around $14.  You can find it on sale for less than that though.  It’s a good value either way.  The shirt can be used with many different outfits.  The skirt is versatile (even if it is loose).  The headband is great.  And the boots are okay.  I switched them out for some that are from an Our Generation shoe pack.  But these are okay.

Fitment 6 –  Everything is big.  That is usually the case with Our Generation outfits, but in this case not only is the skirt big around the waist, the overall straps are too long.  Everything fits; it’s all just loose.  Which is to be expected when the clothes are made for a doll with a larger torso.

Versatility 9 –  Everything in this outfit can be used with other outfits.  The checkered shirt would look great with Dana’s “meet” skirt or some nice jeans.  Even the boots are useful with other outfits.  They look like riding or work boots.

Cuteness 9 –  Very cute, but it would be awesome if it was not so loose.  Super cute western inspired outfit.

Overall 9 –  Even though the outfit is loose, this is a great outfit.  If nothing else it has a lot of great parts to make other wonderful outfits.  Mikaella is ready for the country fair or to go line dancing.  Get it on sale for even a better deal!


Cassandra said...

I'm a bit confused . The boots look different in the pics

Some of them show plain bron boots. The other have pink on top with a different buckle

JGKelsey said...

There are two different boots. I missed that in the review. The ones with the pink on them are from a shoe accessory pack. The plain brown ones are the boots that come with the outfit. Sorry for the confusion.

Nonna @ said...

Ah! Most of the new outfits either haven't hit our stores or were snatched up quickly. Thanks for the views!

Cassandra said...

Thanks for explaining about the boots .i like the ones with the pink