Monday, October 26, 2015

Chavonne in a Celebration Dress

Chavonne Looks Amazing in Toys R Us's New Dress

Last year Toys R Us released a group of dresses under the “Celebration” title.  This year they released three outfits.  The pink dress being reviewed today is one of them.  Toys R Us has named this outfit “Perforated Pink Dress”.  A not so glamorous name for a beautiful dress.  The outfit comes with only two accessories; a small silver purse and the normal plastic pink flats. 

There are two layers to the dress; the top layer is a pink, light fabric with holes in diamond shapes throughout the dress.  The material underneath is a white satin material.  

The outer material is longer than the satin underneath it, but both are around ankle length.  The duel skirt materials are sewn together at the waist, but are free flowing from the waist down.  A silver textured belt is sewn to the dress at the back.  

The top of the dress has the same two layers of material everywhere except the shoulder straps.  Since the two layers are so close together the holes actually look like silver dots on top of the fabric.   Three white lines sewn into the bodice accent the outfit and make the dress look fancier.  The shoulder straps are gathered slightly at the dress, then flatten out as they go over Chavonne’s shoulders.

The purse is extremely simple.  It is a silver material similar to the belt.  It’s got a circular bottom, a fold over top, and a rope strap.  The purse doesn’t latch, it just folds over.  The strap is fairly short, but can go around Chavonne’s shoulder. 

There is no surprise in the shoes.  They are the plastic flats that every outfit comes with.  These flats are glossy and bright pink to match the dress.  There is nothing else significant about the shoes.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8 – While the dress is beautiful and well made, it doesn’t have much else that it comes with.  The shoes are the same old thing; nothing new.  The purse is nice, but not amazing.  You are paying for the dress.

Fitment 10– Like all the Journey Girl outfits, this one fits wonderfully.     The bodice is designed to be fitted, which it is. Nothing is loose.

Versatility 6 – Like some of the other fancy dresses, this one does not have much versatility.  It really can only be used as a fancy dress.  As with most of the Journey Girl outfits, the shoes and purse can go with most anything though.  The versatility is higher then the cheerleading outfit, because the dress can be used for different events; a dance, fancy dinner, night out, etc.  

Cuteness 9 – This is an adorable dress.  The color is beautiful on all of the Journey Girls.  Chavonne looks especially good in it.  The perforated dots are a great design, giving the dress the illusion of sparkle as the holes move past the shimmery material below.  Beautiful dress!

Overall 8 – This is not the best dress that Toys R us has put out, but it is very good.  It’s beautiful.   It’s well made.  And it makes Chavonne and the other girls look so cute!  The accessories are okay, but honestly, you really are just paying for the dress.  At $19.99 the dress is still a good deal, but if you can find it for less, it would even be better.  This is a great dress for Chavonne to wear when she goes out with Giovanna.  A beautiful dress.

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Farrah Lily said...

This dress is very cute and I love the color. I like the design a lot!