Sunday, October 4, 2015

Meredith Wearing Our Generation's "Dream On"

Journey Girl Meredith's New Outfit

“Dream On” is one of the latest Our Generation Retro outfits.  This outfit is inspired by the 70’s with its aqua blue corduroy pants, a pink belt, an off-white t-shirt with a rainbow iron on, and a puffy coral colored vest.  Of course there are also some of the tan common flats that come with so many of the Our Generation outfits. 

This outfit is super cute.  The off-white t-shirt has purple tubing around the arms and the neckline.  There is an iron on of a rainbow between two clouds, with a rosy cheeked, smiling sun peeking out from behind the rainbow.  The t-shirt Velcro’s up the back with two pieces of Velcro.

Corduroy pants were a huge rage in the 70’s, especially ones with flairs at the bottom.  These aqua blue corduroys are not quite bellbottoms, but they do have a flair at the bottom.  The actual corduroy material has a perfect size pattern for an eighteen-inch doll.  Although the pink “leather” belt comes sewn on to back of the corduroys, the stitches are easy to take out if you want the belt to come off. 

There are only two belt loops on the front to hold the belt up, so it being sewn on in the back helps it stay up.

The vest looks like it belongs to Marty Mcfly from “Back to the Future”.  The puffy coral vest is made of a polyester material. It has a short collar that is always up.  The vest hangs loose on Meredith with nothing to fasten it in the front.  It’s a little big on Meredith, but not overtly large.  Actually, it is a perfect size for Meredith.

The shoes are wide and aren’t very attractive, but they work.  Since this outfit is only $12.99 it makes sense that the shoes aren’t very fancy.  There are plenty of nice shoes that can go along with this outfit.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 7 – All the pieces of this outfit are made well.  The vest is especially well made.  It’s a pretty simple outfit, although the pants are nicer than most. The only thing that brings the value on this out fir down is the shoes. 

Fitment 7 – The shoes are big.  The t-shirt is loose, but not big.  The pants fit great, which is not always the case with Our Generation pants.  The vest is big, but it makes sense that it would be.  Most vests are not tight.

Versatility 9 – The outfit has a lot of parts that can be used for many different things.  The pants are great, but may not go with every outfit.  The t-shirt is awesome!  It works great for a 70’s inspired outfit or as a cool “retro” t-shirt.  The vest, if paired with the right outfit, will work great.  And the shoes, although ugly, are very useable with other outfits.

Cuteness 8 – It doesn’t really need the vest.  As a matter of fact, the vest hides the cutest part of the outfit; the rainbow iron-on.  As an ensemble this is a very cute outfit though.

Overall 8 – Great outfit.  Fits well.  And is very cute.  This was definitely designed with American Girl Julie in mind, but I think it can work for any doll.  Meredith looks great in the outfit, without looking like she walked right out of the 70’s.  Wait for it to go on sale, but definitely pick this outfit up, it nothing else than for the cute t-shirt.


Sharon said...

A very cute tee shirt and looks lovely on your Meredith. I wouldn't mind just the tee shirt, might have to make something similar....I think rainbows are very cute!

Farrah Lily said...

I bought this outfit as well, but haven't yet opened it. The 60s and 70s pieces are some of my favorites from the OG Retro line. Totally Marty McFly, lol. Hopefully they will pull out some retro 80s wear at some point, haha. I'm glad to see if fits Meredith so well! Yeah, the shoes are definitely not what I expected!