Monday, September 28, 2015

Journey Girls Blue Italy Dress

Dana in a New Blue Dress

Many of Journey Girl Outfits that get released are modifications to outfits that have been released in past years.   The outfit that is being reviewed today is similar to the green dress that was released for the London line of clothes, and that is okay, because that outfit is awesome.  So it is to be expected that this outfit is also awesome.  Let’s find out!

Released earlier this year with 3 other outfits, this dress can be harder to find, but it is well worth the hunt.  The outfit comes with the deep blue dress, a pair of sandals, a crazy patterned purse, and a lace headband. 

The packaging on this outfit has “Journey Girls” written across it (all of the outfits do) a quarter of the way up from the bottom, which hides the huge gap of nothingness in the middle of the package.  Everything in the package is at the top or bottom, making the outfit feel very sparse when it’s first opened.

As mentioned, this dress is reminiscent of the green dress that came out for the London line.  (here is the review of that dress  It is made out of the same stretch material, except in blue rather than green.  That means that the dress is form fitting.  A v-neckline adorns the thick-strapped top of the dress.  There is black lace on the shoulders, almost like short sleeves or shoulder caps. 

The dress flairs just above the waist, similar to the green dress.  Unlike the green dress, this dress is gathered, compared to the straight flair on the green dress.  

The skirt is also shorter.  With the way the Journey Girls sit, it would be nice if the dresses were a little longer.  When Dana stands the dress looks perfect, but it is short when she is seated.

The headband is very simple.  It is black elastic with lace sewn onto it.  Not all the way around, just on the top half.  It is very cute, nonetheless.  The lace matches the shoulders of the dress, bringing it into the outfit.  This is a great piece to be used with many different outfits!  

The purse is fairly standard, except for the pattern.  The black and white chevron is unique, making the purse stand out and be unique, while still tying it in with the outfit.  A gold chain handle makes it easy for Dana to carry the purse around, although she is going to have a hard time getting anything into it since it is sewn shut!

Shoes are usually a disappointment with Journey Girl outfits.  This outfit would usually come with black flats.  Surprise!   There are black sandals.  Mikaella was the first to show up with this style of sandals.  

There is a slight heel, an ankle strap that Velcro’s, and two straps across the toes that crisscross. Unique to these sandals is the edition of a lace accent in the middle of the foot straps.  The sandals are already very cute (and much better than the plastic version from a couple years ago), the added lace accent is adorable!  It helps tie the shoes into the outfit, plus it makes them look fancier!

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8– This could be a ten.  The outfit feels like it could use another accessory or a fancier cloth.  Not to say that the outfit isn't made well, because it is.  Comparatively though, it is a very simple dress, with very simple accessories.  Nothing bad…just nothing outstanding either.

Fitment 10– Beautifully made to fit the Journey Girls smaller body, this outfit is a perfect fit.  The headband and shoes fit perfectly also.  The dress is very forgiving since it is made out a stretch material.

Versatility 8 – The headband, shoes and purse have possibilities with all sorts of different outfits. The dress is a dress.  Well very pretty, it is going to have to be combined with other outfits' accessories to become a totally different outfit.  Still cute!

Cuteness 10 – Beautiful outfit.  Looks great on all of the Journey Girls, but especially the blue-eyed girls.  The dress is flattering and has cute accents.  Not too dressy, more business casual maybe.  The way that the skirt ruffles out is gorgeous.  The sandals are super cute.  And the headband is a great addition.

Overall 9 – A wonderfully beautiful dress that isn't quite as fancy as the celebrate dresses, this is a great complimentary dress to the green one that came out a year or so ago.  The dress is made well, it fits great, and the accessories are great.  Great outfit!


Becky C. said...

Love the sandals

Farrah Lily said...

Very cute...I think the dress looks perfect with her hair/eyes combo. :)

Kara said...

That is so cute!!! Love the lacey sleeves and the purse. It fits the doll so well.