Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Journey Girl Outfits

Jordanna Tries On a New Journey Girls Outfit

A few weeks back Toys R Us released a massive amount (for Toys R Us) of new outfits.  There are at least 22 new outfits, including the one that I am reviewing today.  The sweater outfit retails for $16.99.  Watch as the holiday season starts (oh my…is it really already that time of the year!?!) Toys R Us will put the Journey Girls items on sale or they also send out coupons for 15% off a regularly priced item.

Like all of the Journey Girl outfits this one comes in a box with a clear window on the front.  The Leaning Tower of Pisa indicates that this is part of the Italy collection.  Open up the top of the box and slide the cardboard backer that the outfit is on up and out of the box.  Once it is out you will need to cut around all of the plastic tabs that are held down with tape.  

You can peal the tape off, but it often times leaves a sticky residue, so cutting around it is easier.  Then look around the entire back of the box for the ends of the clear I fasteners.  Some of them are hard to see.  Clip all of them to free the outfit.  You should be able to get the outfit free now.

The outfit comes with a pair of brown boots, an orange “leather” purse, dark brown leggings, and a knit off-white sweater with a lace skirt attached to it.  The brown boots are the same lame boots that come with many of the other Journey girl outfits.  They look good with this outfit…but can we please get some different boots.  The slit up the back is ugly, and the Journey Girls deserve some better shoes than these silly plastic molded things.

Purses can be awesome.  They can really make an outfit and be a great accessory.  It would be great to get a different accessory with the new Italy outfits, instead of the standard bag that seems to come with most of the outfits.  That being said, this is one of the best purses that Journey Girls has.  The color is nice and bright, which is in right now.  It compliments the outfit well by coordinating with the browns and off white of the sweater, but not matching them.  

The white stitching looks very “designer” esqe.  The tucked in ends look very nice.  The one thing that is strange is the stitching along the top of the purse is just for show, rather than a usefully stitch where the “leather” is turned down and hemmed.  The lack of hemming increases the chance that the fabric will fray.

The leggings are a thicker stretchy material, with a white lining on the inside.  This is Toys R Us’s solution to the color bleeding issue that has plagued some of their clothing (especially dark colors).  The lining also makes it easier to get the leggings on and off, because they don’t stick to Jordanna’s vinyl legs.  The leggings are very tight around Jordanna’s waist, and don’t go up as high as other leggings.  This is peculiar since these are designed specifically for the Journey Girls.  Still very nice.

Finally the sweater, which also has a little “skirt” attached to it.  

The sweater is a wonderful knit, off-white, heavy material, that stops just below the waist.  Toys R Us does a great job of making the Journey Girls clothes realistic.  This sweater feels exactly like a good quality sweater. It has nice sewn cuffs at the end of the slightly short sleeves, and a nice sewn collar.  Securing the sweater is easy with the Velcro that goes all the way up the back.  

The same white material that is inside of the leggings is also at the ends of the arms and by the neck hole of the sweater.  This makes it easier to not catch Jordanna’s tiny fingers in the sweaters holes. The lace at the bottom of the sweater is interesting.  It seems a bit short to be a true skirt, but it is a little too long to be just decoration.  

It is very pretty no matter what they were trying to do.  It would be wonderful if the lace was a true skirt; similar to Dana’s meet skirt from the Paris line, but the sweater is a very pretty piece as it is.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8– A great outfit.  The quality of the leggings and the sweater are very good, close to American Girl quality. The purse has some loose ends, but is super cute.  The shoes are a disappointment.  It would be awesome to have some new shoes that are better quality then the molded plastic ones that come with this outfit.

Fitment 9– Everything fits really well, as would be expected of an outfit made specifically for the Journey Girls.   The leggings are snug, (which they should be) but also felt short on top.

Versatility 9– Great outfit to mix and match with other clothes.  The sweater would look great with jeans, colored leggings, fun patterned pants, just about anything…well made not a skirt.  The leggings are a great color that will go with many things. How can an orange purse be versatile?  It has great design and the color will actually go with many of the earth tones.  The boots are versatile, but you may already have 6 pair of them.

Cuteness 9 – A great outfit.  Very cute.  The little lace at the bottom of the sweater brings a lot to the outfit without making it “fancy”.

Overall 9 – Wow what a great outfit, even with the lackluster boots.  This outfit is similar to outfits you would find for a fashion doll, which is awesome.  It is cute and fashionable, without being really childish.  It fits the Journey Girls age and style perfectly.  It also feels like the outfit was designed, rather than thrown together with pieces that are already out.  Keep your eyes out for this beautiful outfit that will make your Journey Girls look awesome!


Dollz4Moi said...

Hi again, I just bought this outfit and another one. There was a blue plaid outfit with leggings, a hat, and a eternity scarf. I put the pictures on my Flickr of all the new 18" goodies I see and buy.

Anika :O)

JGKelsey said...

I have a review for the blue plaid outfit coming out next week! You'll have to tell me if you agree with the review!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! I love your pics!