Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Giovanna in a New Journey Girl Outfit

How Does Plaid Look on Giovanna?

Does your Journey Girl live an active life?  Does she like to hike, bike, and play outside, but still wants to look nice when she is being active?   Then Toys R Us has released a wonderful outfit for you.  This plaid, long sleeve, ruffled shirt, with a scarf, hat, leggings and boots is an awesome outfit for the active Journey Girl.

Like all of the Journey Girls outfits this one comes in a box with a clear window on the front.   Open the top of the box, slide the cardboard backer that the outfit is on out of the box, and finally clip all of the little I fasteners that are holding the outfit to the cardboard.  Once this is all done, you should be able to take the outfit off the back.

Most of the Journey Girls outfits come with shoes/boots, the outfit, and an accessory.  This outfit comes with two accessories!!!  One that is awesome!  The other is okay.  The okay accessory is the stretchy navy blue cap.  It is made out of the same material as the leggings are.  It stretches really well, but it is also slippery and can be very difficult to get on Giovanna’s head.  Once it is on, it has only one place that it stays on, if you move it, pop, it comes off.  The fit may differ between sets, which is common with Journey Girl outfits.  A knit hat or a hat made out of the same material as the shirt would have been better, or at least easier to keep on her head.

The boots that come with this outfit are mid-calf hiking/snow boots.  There is no slit up the back, like the brown boots from the sweater outfit, because these boots have a wider opening.  They are okay, better than the slit boots, but still just molded plastic.  It would be wonderful to get shoes that are not plastic.  Or at least make a show pack that is not plastic shoes.  These work well and look good with the outfit though.

The scarf is a very simple accent piece to the outfit.  It Velcro’s in the back for easy on and off.  The really neat thing about that is that there is fabric on both sides of the scarf so that you can twist the scarf if you want.  

The scarf can be very loose and flowy, or it can be twisted up and tighter.  Either way it looks great.  It is also big enough to fit on Giovanna’s head as a headband!  Great accessory!!!

Black leggings are always great, because they can go with so many other outfits.  These leggings are made of a soft cotton fabric, rather than the usual shinny, slippery stretch material.  There is a thin white fabric-lining inside the leggings that helps keep the leggings from transferring any color and makes them go on easier.  Fit is perfect.  No issues with being too tight or being short.

Plaid shirts seem like they should be made with flannel.  This one is not; instead it is a printed pattern on a stiff cotton.  Probably easier to make that way and less expensive.  Unlike the sweater outfit, this shirt does not feel like it is made out of as high of a quality material.  It is still very nice, and is not cheap by any means, but just not as high quality.  

The shirt has long sleeves that go all the way to Giovanna’s wrists.  A skirt flair is at the bottom of the long shirt.  It’s not quite long enough to be a dress on it’s own.  It works great with the leggings though.  Running down the front of the shirt are two pleats on each side of the velcroed middle.  The pleat on Giovanna’s left side is turned under, making the pleat wavy, while the pleat on her right is straight and lies flat.  This is probably an anomaly particular to the outfit I purchased.  

The sleeves puff at the shoulder, but don’t look like the 80’s are coming back.  The shirt has a straight loose neckline.  The shirt is a great piece of a wonderful outfit.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – Even though the boots are not amazing, they are better than the slit boots that most of the legging style outfits come with.  The shirt is really cute, and is made well, even though it would be better if it was flannel.  It is great to get a couple of accessories with this outfit, even if the cap doesn’t fit perfectly.

Fitment 9– The actual outfit is a perfect fit.  The hat is too tight, but it still fits.  The boots are also big, but that is by design so that they go on easier.

Versatility 10–Every piece of this outfit can be used with other outfits.  It is one of the most versatile outfits Journey Girls makes.  The scarf is especially awesome, since it can really enhance any outfit.  All of the other pieces have lots of different uses with different outfits also.

Cuteness 9 – Journey Girls does a great job making functional outfits that are cute.  This outfit is a perfect example of that.  The colors are great, not the normal pinks and purples.  It looks better without the hat.

Overall 9 – Great outfit that is very versatile, has great accessories, is designed well, and is cute!  The boots could be better and the hat is too tight, but other than those two things, this outfit is perfect.  Another wonderful new outfit from Journey Girls!

Giovanna looks awesome in this plaid outfit.

The scarf can be used as a headband...

…or as a scarf.  Either way, it is super cute!

It was a bit windy when Giovanna was getting her photos taken!


Little House of American Girl said...

Amazing pictures! Giovanna looks ADORABLE in that outfit! You're making me want her and that outfit ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! I really like the shirt. The colors and print are really nice. :)
Oh, and I love the photos! Giovanna looks gorgeous.
~Christian Homeschooler

Farrah Lily said...

This is one of the best outfits from JG that I've seen in a while! It looks like something I would totally wear. Very cute and thanks for sharing! I think it would look great on every single one of the JGs. :)

American Girl Doll Crafter said...

She looks amazing! I love her blonde hair. :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter