Thursday, September 17, 2015

Journey Girls' New Sleepwear Outfit

Mikaella In Comfy Sleepwear

One of the great things about the new releases from Toys R Us is the variety of outfits that are available.  This pajama set is a great example of the variety of types of clothing that they released for the Journey Girls.  It is also worth mentioning that there were three different pajama sets released, making it so that your dolls don’t all have to wear the same pajamas.  That is awesome!!!

The set comes with a gray long sleeved shirt, soft cotton pants, a sleeping mask, a little stuffed bird, and a pair of moccasin style pink slippers.  Everything in the set fits perfectly, as it should, since it is made for the Journey Girls.   The top is a simple gray ribbed long sleeve shirt.  It has a pink collar, pink cuffs at the end of the sleeves and a pink hem at the bottom of the shirt.  The shirt Velcro’s up the back for easy on and off.

The pants are a pastel purple, soft cotton fabric with printed birds on them.  An elastic waist keeps the pants snug and make it super easy to put them on also.  Gray fabric that matches the shirt is sewn on the bottom of each leg. 

The sleeping mask matches the bird print on the pants and is accented by pink piping around the edges, matching the accents on the shirt.  It has a simple elastic band to hold it on Mikaella’s head.  Since the Journey Girls can’t close their eyes, this is a great way to make them “sleep”.

Since this is a fairly simple set, it is nice that it comes with a few accessories.  Almost everyone had a favorite stuffed animal when they were growing up.  It’s nice to see that a stuffed animal is included in this set.  The bird is more like a pillow than a stuffed animal, but it totally matches the outfit.  If you look at the pants, there is actually a pink bird with orange wings, just like the stuffed bird.  The one thing that is a bit ridiculous is the tag on the bird is just as big as the bird itself.  Cut it off if you’d like.

The last thing that is in this set is also one of the best additions, the slippers.  Shoes are kind of a weak point in most of the outfits.  These are awesome, partly because they are very realistic and they aren’t plastic.  Yeah!!!  The slippers are pink, matching all the other pink on the outfit.  The soft fabric is pleated in the toe of the slipper with a stretched back.  A light pink bow adorns both of the slippers tops.  Getting the slippers on can be a bit challenging as the backs of the slippers catch on Mikaella’s heels, since the fabric doesn’t stretch.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8 – Although this is a great outfit, it is just pajamas.  Most of the things are not going to go with anything other than other pajamas.  The top may be able to go with very casual outfits, but mostly it will go well with other pajamas.

Fitment 10– The outfit is a perfect fit.  Even though the slippers are tight, they still fit well.  You can tell that this outfit is made for the Journey Girls.

Versatility 4 – The pants and the shirt could be used for other outfits, but it would have to be the right outfit…like a lazy day outfit.  Sleepwear just doesn’t have many other uses than sleepwear.  

Cuteness 9 – Who doesn’t like little birds?  The print on this outfit is adorable.  The little birds are super cute.  The colors are great together.  There is just enough pink.  And the slippers are awesome!  Cute and functional, perfect.

Overall 7 – Don’t let the score fool you, this is an amazing outfit, it’s just not a very versatile outfit.  The Journey Girls have a lot of great outfits, but almost all of them have been daywear, so it is great to get some sleepwear.  The print on the outfit is really cute, the colors are great, and the accessories are nice too.   The bird is a bit of a strange stuffed animal, but it matches the outfit perfectly, and it is kind of a cute little pillow.  The slippers are awesome and stay on Mikaella’s feet well, once they are on.  Every girl needs some good comfortable sleepwear; this is a perfect outfit for that.  Buy it if you get the chance.


Sharon said...

I have been introduced to your lovely blog by Farrah Lily of Cozy Comforts and Dolls, and today have been looking at your very nice collection of Journey Girls. I have looked at these dolls for a while and finally am seriously looking to buy one. So I took a look on here and hope you don't mind me picking your brains about something. I am drawn to Kyla, so I searched for her on here and found your very useful post comparing the older Kyla with the newer one. I like the faces on both girls but I think I prefer the legs/hips of the older version. So I was just wondering, do you know please, if all of the latest releases of the Journey Girls have this newer styled body? I am looking on line as the Toys R Us here in Spain do not stock them, but other European countries do, but of course it will be mail order, so I can't actually see the dolls in person before buying.
Thanks very much in advance for any information you can give me.
Hugs Sharon in Spain

JGKelsey said...

Sharon, All of the Journey Girls since the Lonfon line have the new body style, which is good and bad. The good is that the cloth part of the body is more firm and therefore helps the doll stand better. The bad is that the hip joints are wider. Of the six new style dolls I have, 2 of them have hip joints more like the old ones. I have seen others' photos of their dolls and have noted that some of them seem to do the spread-eagle sit and others sit more like the old dolls. It just depends on your luck it seems. If you like Kyla's new face sculpt I would buy the new doll. If her legs are goofy , return her. That may be more difficult in your situation though. I hope that helps. If not post here again or on the Facebook page and I will answer your question. Thanks!

Sharon said...

Thank you very much for your help, it is useful to speak with someone who knows rather than sort of generic comments here and there :)
I think what I will probably do is wait until I go to the UK next month and visit a ToysRUs whilst there and decide from there....I don't want to have to return a doll to Germany or France if there are problems as it would work out really expensive. I think with their 'record' of having dodgy eyes too, it is probably better if I see the doll in real life first. I know that it's probably a pretty easy fix to sort out wonky eyes but I don't really want to have to do it!
Thanks again for your help, I will continue reading your lovely blog :)
Hugs Sharon in Spain