Monday, September 7, 2015

Kelsey's Adventure: A Short Goodbye

Kelsey Says "Goodbye" to Her New Friends

As Kelsey sat with her new friends laughing, and eating her meal she realized how at home she felt here in Trillatia.  This made her think of her home, back beyond the tunnel and a bit of panic touched her.  I should get back.  They are going to worry about me if I don’t get home by the afternoon.

“What are you thinking about?” Illy probed.  “You look concerned.”

“Illy!” scolds Annalisa.

Giving a look to Annalisa that is both questioning and a little annoyed at the same time, Illy responds, “What?  She does.”  Turning to Kelsey, “I’m right, aren’t I?  You are worrying about something.”

Kelsey smirks at Illy.  She is very observant.  “I was thinking about my family and friends.  I was thinking I should probably get back to them before they start worrying.”

Illy giggled, “Oh, they won’t be worried about you.”

Elita interrupted giving a what are you thinking look to Illy, “What she means is…time is different here.  They won’t know that you have been gone as long as you have been.”

Kelsey looks at Elita trying to understand what she means.  Thinking, Elita tries to explain it again, “The time here in Trillatia goes by much quicker than it does back at your home.  I don’t know exactly how much quicker, because I have never been in your world long enough to notice.”

“But, it doesn’t feel like time is going any quicker.” Kelsey says, not quite believeing that it can be true.  How can time be different here? Wait that is the thing I can’t believe?  Not the fact that I am discussing this concept with four fairies!!!  She giggles at the thought.

Illy begins to giggle with Kelsey.  Ignoring both of them, Annalisa explains, “Of course it doesn’t feel like time is going faster…you’re here!”

“You won’t be able to tell the time change until you go through the tunnel,” Elita explains.

Kelsey is still a little worried, “But you aren’t sure of the time difference?”

Shaking her head Elita says, “No, I’m not sure how much of a time difference there is.  Sorry.  Do you want to go back?”

“I think so.”  Kelsey timidly replies.  “I don’t really want to…I mean I’d love to stay here with you…”

“Hey what about me?”  Illy interrupts.

“Yes, of course I want to stay here with you too!”  Kelsey smiles, “But if I don’t go home I could get in trouble and not be able to come back here.”  Kelsey turns to Elita, “I can come back here, can’t I?”

“Of course you can.  You are always welcome to visit.”

“Umm…” Annalisa interjects, “just stay out of Delphi Hallow.  You don’t want to be on Kassilia’s bad side.”

“She has a good side?” questions Illy.

Linnea gives her a look, “Illy, be nice.”

Kelsey smiles.   Oh I don’t want to leave.  But, I can come back tomorrow.   Her thoughts are broken as Elita stands up and hops into the air. 

“Come on, I’ll take you back to the tunnel.” Elita says.

Kelsey stands up, and puts on her backpack, as the other fairies get to their feet and take flight.  They hover around Kelsey, waiting to say goodbye.  Kelsey goes first. 

“It has been wonderful meeting all of you and sharing stories with you.  I can’t wait to tell my friends about this.”

Annalisa rushes up to Kelsey, shaking her head as she flies.  “No. no. no!  You can’t tell anyone about us!”

“Annalisa is right.” concurs Elita, “You are wonderful, Kelsey, but I’m not sure that we can handle more humans yet.”

Kelsey nods, “You’re right.  It would just be so awesome for them to meet you all.”

“Maybe someday.” Linnea says.

“Well…I better go.  I’ll see you again.”  Kelsey waves to Linnea, Annalisa and Illy.  

They wave back, then Illy darts forward grabbing onto Kelsey’s leg.

“Make sure you come back!”  she says looking up at Kelsey almost on the verge of tears.

Kelsey smiled and pat Illy on the head.  “I will.  I promise.”

Kelsey turned towards Elita and gave her a little nod, to tell her she is ready to go.  

Check back next week for more of Kelsey's adventure!


Little House of American Girl said...

Awww! Is this the last part?

JGKelsey said...

No, I just forgot to put the "to be continued" part. There will be a few more before winter.

Little House of American Girl said...

Oh, yay! :)