Saturday, February 28, 2015

Journey Girls London Outfit

Kayla's Green Dress

There are four outfits that came out in May of this year for the London line of the Journey Girls.  Out of the four I picked three that I liked, the third one I hated…not disliked…hated.  It is a red leotard top with short black shorts and black tights.  It looks a lot like an older outfit that I already have.  That isn’t the reason I didn’t buy it though.  It just didn’t look age appropriate for the girls.  So that one stayed at Toys R Us.  The other three came home with me.  Today I will be reviewing one of those three outfits. 

One of the mid-season London outfits.
Kyla is modeling this beautiful teal green stretch dress with a fleece sweater and animal print furry purse.   This is a heavy dress, made with a material that has ribbing in it that allows it to stretch.  It is form fitting on Kyla’s top, but flares out at the waist keeping its bell shape in the skirt.  The dress has a relaxed jewel neckline with a criss-cross fabric pattern across the chest.  The dress is very plain…but somehow very pretty.  I think the color helps.  To me this looks like an older girls outfit.  A sophisticated, designer type of outfit.  This would be perfect for outfit for Callie since she is the fashionista of the Journey Girls.

Kayla looking cute in the new teal dress.
The sweater that comes with the outfit is one of the best I have seen.  It is simple, but very well made.  The fleece matches the heaviness of the dress.  I like the gray with the bright teal.  There is part of me that would have liked it to have at least one button on it, but I like the way that it shows off the dress in this design.

I love the look of this dress without the sweater.
The purse feels like an after thought.  It’s cute, but the strap is kind of cheap.  It’s just not as great as the rest of the outfit.  Kyla get another pair of black low healed dress shoes.  Wow...creative!  I’m glad that the outfit comes with shoes…it’s just that you Journey Girls made a very stylish outfit and put the same boring shoes with it that every other outfit comes with. 

Where are the underwear?  And what is up with that purse's strap?
One last thing that bothers me is the lack of underwear.  It wouldn’t be so bad if all of the Journey Girls came with underwear when you bought them…but only a few have (Jordanna, Chavonne and Callie) and Toys R Us does not sell an accessory pack with them.  American Girl does…but they are huge on the Journey Girls.  In my opinion every dress that is sold should come with underwear.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8 –  This outfit is one of the higher quality Journey Girls outfits.  It’s made of a really nice material and just feels higher quality.  It has about what you would expect with an outfit as far as accessories.  My complaints would be the purse strap, and the lack of underwear (but that is with all of the dresses).

Fitment 10 –  This outfit is an awesome fit.  The stretch material is really neat.  It fits well on the new dolls (which are just slightly bigger…only about 1/8th of an inch) and on the old dolls.  The sweater fits wonderfully.  It is exactly what you would expect for something made specifically for the Journey Girls.

Versatility 8 –  I think that the outfit itself has some versatility.  It is not as fancy as the Celebration outfits so it can be used for more of an everyday outfit.  But with the right accessories, the dress is a very classy outfit.  The shoes can be used with any outfit as well as the great sweater and fuzzy purse.

Cuteness 10 – I liked this dress in the package, but I loved it on Kyla!  The dress is very pretty outside of the package.  I love that the skirt flairs.  I like the way that the dress looks without the sweater and with the sweater.  It’s just a very cute dress.

Overall 9 –  This is a dress you should have in your dolls wardrobe!  It’s versatile, cute, and is an awesome fit.  The outfit is usually around $20, but keep your eyes out for Toys R Us’s buy one get one free sales. 

Kayla is adorable in the new teal outfit!


A girl and her dolls said...

Nice review, that is a very nice dress, I like that fact that it is sort-of dressy and casual at the same time:)

Ellie said...

That dress is absolutely perfect! :D

- Ellie

Anonymous said...

That dress is so beautiful and made in a more realistic way compared to the other dresses.