Monday, February 23, 2015

Kelsey on the Miracle Mile

A Trip Down Miracle Mile

Kelsey is excited about the day she has planned.  She is going to spend the day seeing the many wonderful shops on Miracle Mile.  Once she's ready for the day, she walks down to Michigan Avenue, and starts on her way.  Her first stop is the American Girl store.  Kelsey loves the display of Grace in their window.  She loves all of the new outfits that Grace has.

Kelsey would love to buy some of Grace's travel items, or all of the baking things that Grace has.  Kelsey can't get over how cute the city display is.  "Wouldn't it be amazing to have an apartment in Paris?", Kelsey thinks.

After looking around the American Girl store and making a list of all of the beautiful things she would like, Kelsey buttons up her coat and heads out on Michigan Avenue.  Kelsey walks to the old water tower.  It is amazing to see such an old building in the middle of all of the these brand new skyscrapers.

Kelsey continues on down the road, looking into the windows of the shops.  Most of the shops don't have anything that Kelsey is interested in.  She does stop at the Disney Store.  How can you not stop and look at all of the Frozen items?  Plus the Star Wars and Avengers stuff is really cool.

She doesn't end up buying anything this time, but Kelsey sure has a great time looking in all the store windows.  Kelsey stops to take a picture in front of Sacs Fifth Avenue.  She is ready to see some more sights.  She decides that it would be a good day to go to Navy Pier.

As she goes towards the Pier she walks past the Chicago Tribune building.  The building is amazing.  It has bricks and pieces from buildings all over the world.  Kelsey finds a brick from Minnesota, from the Alamo, even one from Norway!

Kelsey walks the few blocks to Navy Pier.  She stands out front of the big Navy Pier sign.  "I wonder what this place is like in the summer."  She bets that it is quite a bit busier than it is now.

"I want to come back here in the summer!  Maybe ride the Ferris wheel."  Kelsey runs towards the Ferris wheel and the rest of the pier.  There is a carousel too!  "Oh…it would be so fun to be able to ride one of the rides.

Kelsey starts to get cold, she sees that the pier has a indoor arboretum.  She walks inside and instantly feels warmer. Oh it's beautiful in here.  Big palm trees reach to the ceilings, round shallow ponds are spread through the arboretum, and beautiful yellow and red flowers dot the gardens.  Kelsey takes some photos of the gardens and send the photos to Kyla.  She would love to be here.  Maybe she can paint a picture of the pretty flowers.

As Kelsey sits on the bench for a photo a little sparrow lands by the pond behind her.  She looks back and smiles.  "Hi little birdie."  Another sparrow lands by the pond.  Then another…then another.  Pretty soon there are half a dozen birds sitting around the pond.

Kelsey leans over and all of the birds fly away.  She bundles up and heads outside.  As she leaves the pier she sees a snowman that someone built.  She waves good-bye to snowman and to Navy Pier.

Tomorrow is her last day in Chicago.  Kelsey plans on going to a few museums.  She is excited to see the art museum and the science museum seems like it is going to be really fun.


Ellie said...

I love this! The arboritum looks so pretty. It looks like Kelsey's having a lot of fun! The AGPlace, stone wall, and pier are so cool!

- Ellie

Emma said...

Cute pictures! Kelsey looks so adorable!:)

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Ellie and Emma. Kelsey had a great time…it was too cold though! Wednesday I'll post the last of the photos from Chicago. Stay tuned! :)

A girl and her dolls said...

lovely! that is a really cool AGPlace, I've never seen one.