Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"New" Mikaella

Is the "New" Mikaella Different Than the Holiday Mikaella

A new Journey Girl has been added to the main line of dolls.  Mikaella has joined the other six girls on their trip to Italy.  Mikaella isn’t brand new; rather she was a special holiday edition doll that has now made it into the main line.  The holiday edition of Mikaella was released as a blonde and as a brunette.  Out of the two dolls I would have liked to see the brunette become the mainline doll, but both are wonderful.
"New" Journey Girl Mikaella
With this “new” release of Mikaella we get to know a little bit more about her. “Mikaella loves cooking and baking, but most of all sharing her treats with family and friends”.  (interesting given the fact that the AG Girl of the Year is also a baker). 

There is very little that is different between this iteration of Mikaella and the holiday edition.  The first difference is her hair.  She has a braid that starts in the middle of her forehead and wraps around to her ponytail in the back. It reminds me of Dana’s braid.  The other difference is her outfit.  You may be thinking, “Well duh!” and you’re right.  Obviously the outfit would be different.  And obviously the new outfit wouldn’t be as fancy.  I’m amazed that the only real difference between the two dolls is the hair.

Mikaella's new hair.
Mikaella’s dress is very cute.  It’s a summery gingham blue striped dress that reminds me of something Dorothy would wear from the Wizard of Oz.  It has a small bow at the waist and the skirt flares out.  The whole dress is the same fabric.  It’s not fancy, but it is pretty.  The fabric is thin and you can kind of see through it on the top. The outfit also has a cute flowery fabric purse.  The best thing about the outfit is the new sandals.  They have a plastic bottom with a faux leather top!  They look awesome.  Now if Toys R Us would do the same thing for their other shoes.

Mikaella's new "leather" shoes.
Mikaella's dress is cute.  I like the little cloth bow.
The doll itself is exactly the same.  Mikaella still can’t sit at a table or sit on a chair.  She sits with her legs spread wide to the side.  To add insult to poor Mikaella, Toys R Us didn’t even give her underwear.  Her should joints are good.  The vinyl is all good.  Her head doesn’t move as much as the other Journey Girls, but my holiday Mikaella’s neck joint loosened up after time.  So I am assuming the same thing will happen with this iteration.

Mikaella with her sitting issue.
Really Mikaella is the same doll that was released for the holidays, just in a different outfit.  I’m sad that Jordanna didn’t get added to the mainline.  I would have loved to see her as one of the girls.

There is really no difference between the holiday Mikaella and the "new" Mikaella.

The Box

Back of Mikella's new box
Mikaella is now on the box with the rest of the Journey Girls.  Well kind of.  She is on the back of the box.  She is with the dolls and in the photos of the real girls.  But on the side…she is missing.  Still the original six Journey Girls.  The real Mikaella girl is also different than the Mikaella that was on the back of the holiday package.

The side of the new box is missing Mikaella.

The Mikaellas.  I'm not sure why Toys R Us changed their mind about the model portraying Mikaella.

It looks like the girls are going to get some new outfits to go to Italy in.  Some of the outfits actually look all new, others are just redresses of clothes that are already out.  I like Kelsey’s long dress.  Callie’s outfit looks really cute also. I think Chavonne’s outfit is cute too, even though it is very similar to Meredith’s Paris outfit.  It looks like Meredith and Kyla will continue with the new face mold.  It also looks like a few of the dolls will have the new “leather” sandals.

The girls new outfits.


A girl and her dolls said...

Kelsey, was that you on the box?

Farrah Lily said...

I have to agree with you as I much prefer Jordanna and wish they added her to the new line of dolls. She is such a beautiful doll. There is something about Mikeala's eyebrows that are off for me..maybe a little too arched? The outfits are very cute on the new Italy line, though, especially Kelsey's.
I have a quick Meredith question...I was reading your comparison post regarding the new and original facemold they used for her. Do you know which mold is on the version of her dressed in the red trench coat?
Great review! :)

JGKelsey said...


The Meredith in the red trench coat (from the London line) is the old face mold. The new face mold started with the mid season Meredith (black stripped sweater) and will continue with the new Italy line.

So wish Jordanna was added as a "regular" Journey Girl. :(

Farrah Lily said...

I know, me too...maybe they will include her eventually. Thanks for the Meredith info! I saw the red coat one online and have been tempted to get her as I like the old face mold a little better. :)

Unknown said...

My daughter likes her doll mikaella and it works just like a person