Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jordanna Wishes You A Happy Valentine's Day!

Jordanna wanted to wish everyone out there a Happy Valentine's Day.  Plus she wanted to show off her new dress from the "My Life As…" collection from Walmart.  

Jordanna is so cute in her Valentine's dress.
This is a really cute dress.  It has a satin black top with white polkas dots.  The skirt is plain black satin with a tulle like over skirt, with a red ribbon trim at the bottom.

Jordanna posing for Valentine's day.
There is a wide red ribbon around the waist of the dress, accented with a ribbon rose.  I didn't like the shoes that came with this outfit, so I gave Jordanna some of the red Journey Girl dress shoes.

Jordanna's Valentine for you.
As you see in these photos the tulle on the skirt gets hung up on it's self sometimes.

The bow in her hair is for a toddler, but it fits Jordanna perfectly.

Overall though the outfit is really cute.  It came in a three pack for about $20 on sale.  Great price for a dress like this…plus there are two more outfits.

Jordanna poses so beautifully.
The dress is not the highest quality material.  There are loose thread on the red ribbon.  The underskirt has a few loose threads.  And the top part of the dress is almost blue now (I washed it in just cold water to make sure that it didn't stain Jordanna) because of color fade.

 But for the money…it's a great dress.  I actually feel like the quality of the dress (besides the fading) is higher quality than a lot of the "My Life As…" outfits.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Ellie said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS pictures! Jordanna looks beautiful, the dress is so cute, and the posing and sets are just ugh. Yes.

A girl and her dolls said...

Lovely pictures!
Jordanna looks totally ready for valentines day. I love your props for the photosa

Farrah Lily said...

So pretty! Jordana is definitely my favorite of them all. I can't believe how cute this outfit is-great photo shoot! :)

Ginger Spice said...

I love everything about these photos- the dress, the background, the props- it's all so cute!