Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dana Tries Out Snowshoeing

Journey Girl Dana's Snowshoe Adventure

Dana is huge animal lover.  It doesn't matter the animal, they are all special to her.  Winter is her least favorite season because there are so few animals out.  She sees squirrels and some birds, but everything else is hibernating or has gone south.  Dana decided that she wanted to explore the winter wonderland, searching for animals.  She put on her new snowshoes and off she went.

Dana followed a trail running beside a creek.  The creek looked like it was completely frozen.  She ventured down onto it, moving slowly.  Putting one foot slowly in front of the other.  She wasn't really that nervous though.  The creek was maybe a foot deep.  It was very pretty with the snow covered rocks lining the banks.  She was glad she had snowshoes to help her stay on top of the snow.

She followed the stream all the way to the lake.  There was a tree that had fallen across the banks.  She thought "That will make a nice bridge in the summer, but right now…I can go under it."

She walked out onto the lake.  The stream had a cut a path through the lake and made a small ravine.  Dana could tell this was from the water thawing and then refreezing, because she could see chunks of ice sticking up out of the snow.  She thought she might find some animal tracks…but there were only footprints and dog paw prints.

She did find some awesome ice formations as she walked.  She found some chunks of ice that she shoved into the ground to make an ice castle.  Dana backed up and took a look at her castle.  It reminded her of Elsa's castle in Frozen.  She took a photo and then continued walking.

Dana was a little bummed she didn't find any animal tracks so far, but she was excited to see the ice poking out of the snow.  It made little caves.  She thought how neat it would be if she found one that was big enough to fit in. It could be her secret hideout!

And then…she found it.  I beautiful cave!  It looked like it was formed by one huge sheet of ice.  As she got closer to it Dana peered in and saw water at the bottom of the cave.  At that moment there was a loud "crack!"  Dana ran towards the shore!  Oh that scared her.  She knew it was just the ice settling, but it was still scary sounding.  Dana decided she'd stay on land for the rest of her hike.

Dana walked into a forested area.  There were all sorts of aspen and birch trees as well as some maples.  She thought this area has to have some animals in it.

Then from up in one of the trees, she heard a beautiful song.  A yellow finch was sitting in the tree.  Dana pointed at the finch, "Ohhh.  She is so pretty!"

Dana slowly raised her camera and took some pictures, making sure she was quite.  She didn't want to scare the finch away.  The little yellow bird let out another tweeting song.

The finch just stayed there on it's branch, singing away.  She must have been able to sense how much Dana loves animals.  After a little while longer Dana started to walk home.

Just for fun she took a few photos as she was on her way back home.  Dana had really hoped to see some more animals…but it was cold.  She was lucky to see the yellow finch.  And she was excited that she got to see the beautiful ice caves on the lake.  It was time to go home though.  Her little nose was getting cold.

Dana is wearing an Our Generation Outfit.  It came with a doll, Cooper, and was her extra outfit.  I did switch out the outfits boots for some other Our Generation boots.  The snow pants are big on Dana and bunched up in the back as she walked.  They stayed on okay though.  The jacket and shirt fit great though, as did the snowshoes.  The panda hat is from Walmart's My Life As… line.  It's really cute!  It's hard to get on her head, but once it's on it stays on.  Dana's gloves are from a Queen's Treasures outfit.  Dana was very happy with the outfit, and she was toasty warm.  :)


Farrah Lily said...

ReaLily awesome post and photo story, JGKelsey! I love the photos with the finch. :)

Ellie said...

Beautiful photos! :)

- Ellie

Anonymous said...

Great photos and great photo story! It's so cool that you got pictures of that bird.

A girl and her dolls said...

lovely photos, I can't believe the finch stayed there fro such awesome pics!
What company are the snow-shoes from?

JGKelsey said...

The snow shoes are Our Generation. The we're a second outfit with one of the deluxe girls.

I wish that was a real finch...but alas it is fake. I tried before to get photos with real animals. Neither the doll or the animal cooperated.

A girl and her dolls said...

Thanks! I understand.