Monday, March 16, 2015

Callie and Kyla Out In the Snow

Callie and Kyla Enjoy Some Time in the Snow

Callie went outside to model and enjoy some decent winter weather.  If it's above freezing, it's a good day in the north.  Callie takes advantage of the "nice" day and goes for a walk, modeling her new jacket as she goes.

Callie wearing an Our Generation coat. 

This jacket is awesome.  It is made of "wool" and has a satin inside.  It's got heavy butting up the front to keep Callie nice and warm.  It came with some not so great boots…so I switched them out for some Journey Girl boots, that are a little better.

The knit mittens are very cute.  They fit great.  They aren't too big or too long.  They are just perfect.  They had a string attaching them.  Reminds me of being a kid.  My mom always had a clip or string to try and make it so that we didn't loose one of our mittens.  I would have had a lot less single mittens if I had this string connector.

The scarf is nice and long so that you can do different things with it.  I do wish that the outfit had a hat or some earmuffs.  Callie's poor ears are getting cold.  Over all this is a wonderful outfit.  I really love the colors….bright and different.

Kyla wanted to go out also, but her outfit is much more practical and fun.  She has an outfit from the Queen's Treasures.  The Panda hat is from Walmart.

The jacket is very well made.  It is nice and puffy!  It also comes with a hood that can be taken off.  The mittens are a little big, but still fit well.  They look bigger then the Our Generation mittens.  They work well with the jacket though.

The boots are made of the same materiel as the jacket.  They are very cute and are functional, but they don't feel as real as the rest of the outfit.  I love the little bit of "fur" on the boots.  When the hood is on the fur matches fur that is on the hood.

Just like all of the other Queen's Treasure outfits, this is a very well made outfit.  The pants are big (because they are designed for American Girl dolls) but everything else fits great.  If you need a nice little winter play outfit, this is a great option.

Callie and Kyla had a great time outside, but they were glad to go inside and warm up by the fireplace. Hope that the winter is treating you well.  And I hope spring comes soon!


Ellie said...

Callie and Kyla look lovely. And the pictures are great! :) Great reviews!

- Ellie

A girl and her dolls said...

I can't get over that panda hat! it's so cute!!
love the pics.

Emma said...

I love the pictures!:)

Ginger Spice said...

Cute pictures! I love how the red/orange coat pops against the white snow.

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Ellie!

JGKelsey said...

I love that hat! I have a wolf one also. Both are very cute. I found them at Walmart.