Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break

The Journey Girls Spend Some TIme Hanging Out

Spring break is here and the weather is horrible.  Rain, rain, and then for some added fun, some snow.  Blah!  Well maybe some of the girls want to hang out, Kelsey thinks.  She texts everyone, “if u r bored come to my house and hang out.  TTFN.”

Instantly her phone begins vibrating.  Jordanna responded “Be over in a few”.  “I’m coming!” text Mikaella.  “OMG…awesome idea”, wrote Dana.  Kyla was so excited she just sent a smiley face!

Pretty soon the girls started to arrive.  For awhile they kind of did there own thing.  Dana and Kyla sat in the living room.  Dana is looking over a fashion magazine.  

Dana reads over a fashion magazine.
She shows Kyla some of the new outfits that she really likes.  Kyla is getting texts from Meredith.  She texts back “Wish you were here! J”.  Kyla tells Dana “Meredith says ‘Hi’.” 

Kyla texts Meredith
Dana and Kyla just relaxing as the other girls do their own thing.
Jordanna lays on the floor drawing on the Magna-Doodle.  She is just doodling around.  Scribble, scribble, scribble.  

Jordanna draws on the Magna Doodle
Then she gets a great idea…”I’m going to try to draw Elsa.”   Jordanna draws Elsa’s eyes, her nose, mouth, and then her hair.  Jordanna draws Elsa’s big braid. 

She shows the drawing to the other girls.

Jordanna is so proud of her creation!
“Look what I found!” Kelsey says to Mikaella.  She holds up a Slinky and smiles.  “I’ll go to the top of the stairs and push the slinky to you,” Mikaella says as she runs up the stairs.  

Here comes the slinky!
Mikaella sits down and pushes the slinky.  Kelsey waits and giggles as the slinky flips down the stairs. 

Down…down it goes!
She loves the sound it makes as it comes down the stairs.  The sound almost sounds like slinky.

Kelsey and Mikaella love this silly toy!
Jordanna hollers to everyone, “Hey…you guys want to play spoons?”   “Oh, yeah!” Dana exclaims.  “I have never played spoons before,” Mikaella explains. “You know, I’ll just watch.”  Mikaella goes sit in the beanbag and listens to her music. 

Mikaella just listen to some music.

The other four girls sit down at the table.  “I’ll deal first.” Kyla volunteers.   Kyla starts the game by passing out cards to Jordanna, Kelsey, and Dana.  

The Journey Girls decide to play a game of Spoons.
Then Kyla picks up a card…decides she doesn’t want it and passes it to Kelsey.  

Kelsey picks the card up; looks at it, then discarded it and passed it to Dana.  

Dana does the same and passes the card onto Jordanna.  

The game goes on this way for a while, with no one looking like they are going to win.  The girls smile, but don’t say anything as the pick cards up, discard cards, continuing to try to get four of a kind.

As the cards go around, Jordanna, quietly picks up a spoon, but continues to pick up cards and discard cards.  

Jordanna is the lucky winner today!
After a few more cards pass by her Dana, realizes that one of the spoons is missing and grabs one off the middle of the table. 

Kelsey dives for the last spoon, easily scooping it up, as Kyla continues to take cards from the deck. 

“Oh darn!  I totally missed that.” Kyla exclaims.  Kelsey, Jordanna and Dana all laugh.  

“I didn’t even see you take the spoon Jordanna.” Kelsey says.  Jordanna smiles a huge grin and explains, “That’s ‘cause I’m sneaky.”   They all laugh again.   “This is an awesome day!” Dana exclaims. 


Ellie said...

I love this story! So adorable :)

- Ellie

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Ellie. It was a lot of fun to shoot!

Farrah Lily said...

Awesome photos! That table is a lot of fun. I totally forgot about the card game "Spoons." We used to play that with our cousins all the time.:) Your photography is so nice...I know it can be a challenge to shoot indoors sometimes and you always nail it!
I never realized that the dolls have different mouth molds. I think I prefer Dana's closed mouth over the slightly open ones.
I have to tell you, I finally got a JG doll-the London Meredith with the red trench coat. Your Meredith reviews sold me! She has the original face mold, I believe and she really is such a cute doll. I'm really happy with her and my daughters (ages 2 and 5) immediately noticed her and said they liked her MORE than the Elizabeth AG doll I have, which is interesting. :)

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Farrah. I think there are three different mouths. Dana's, the old sculpt for Meredith and all the other JGs, and then the new sculpt like Mikaella.

Glad you picked up Meredith. She is really cute! I think you will enjoy having her in your collection.

Zen Dolls said...

I really loved this story. I've read it three times already. Thank you.