Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Queen's Treasures Dress

Kyla Tries on a Queen's Treasures Sundress

Kyla is modeling a retired outfit from the Queen’s Treasures.  This pink checked gingham, ankle length dress comes with a beautiful straw sunhat with pink fabric flowers on it.  The dress is very simple with a fitted top portion and longer skirt.  The dress has a lace hem along the bottom.  An inch up from the bottom it has a glossy white ribbon that runs around the entire dress.  The Queen’s Treasures outfits feel high quality.  They are made of better quality material than most Our Generation or Journey Girl outfits.  The Queen’s Treasures outfits, including this dress, are made of a similar quality as American Girl outfits are.

The dress fits very nicely.  It is loose, but not big.  Plus This style of dress should be loose.  Kyla would not be able to garden if the dress was so tight she could not bend.  I love the simplicity of the dress.  It is definitely in the same vein as American Girl's historical collections.  The dress is purposely made to not be super dressy…which makes it perfect!

The hat is big on Kyla’s head, but still fits well.  It has a glossy ribbon to tie around her chin.  This hat is really cute!   I like the flowers on it.  I also like the way that is made.  The straw is very well woven, very tight.  Compared to the Our Generation hat that comes with the sundress, this hat is made a hundred times better.

Be aware that there are no shoes with this outfit.  The shoes that Kyla has on are from a Our Generation outfit.  Most of the Queen’s Treasures outfits do not come with shoes.  I don’t think that not having shoes makes the value of the outfit any less.  I think depending on what you want to use this dress for, the shoes that go with it can vary drastically.  If Kyla was out in the garden, she would have boots on, if she was out for a walk maybe she would have sandals on.  Because the dress is versatile, different shoes are appropriate at different times.  So I think it is okay to not have shoes with the outfit.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 –  The Queen's Treasures has great quality products, and this dress is no exception.  The stitching is very good.  There are no loose ends, no frays.  The hat is a high quality straw hat.  The outfit doesn't get a full 10 because of the lack of shoes.  

Fitment 8 –  The waist is a little big, but because of the style of the dress it does not look as baggy or big as some of the Our Generation dresses.  The hat is big.  It fits okay…just make sure that you tie it on.

Versatility 7 –  The outfit is two pieces, so there are not that many things to use for different things.  That being said, the two items have decent versatility.  The dress is a plain dress, but paired with a sweater, scarf, or even a ribbon around the middle, the dress could become much fancier.  And the straw hat is a great outdoor hat.

Cuteness 10 – I love simple.  This dress is very simple, but the check pattern just makes this dress so cute.  The little bit of ribbon and lace is perfect.  The puffed princess arms are awesome.  Together with the hat this is a very cute outfit.

Overall 9 –  What a great outfit.  The perfect dress to work in the garden, go for a walk in the spring breeze, or maybe go for a picnic in.  I do wish it had some sort of shoes included, but I can understand why The Queen's Treasures decided not to.  If you or your little darling like to garden, this is a great dress for you.

Kyla in The Queen's Treasures pink checked dress.


Kseny said...

Красивые фото и очаровательная кукла в таком наряде!

Farrah Lily said...

Adorable! What a great little dress set. I be it would look really nice on almost all the other girls as well. That last photo is beautiful. :)

JGKelsey said...

Thanks. The Queen's Treasures has really great outfits. This one is no exception.