Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kelsey's Adventure is off for the WInter

But Not to Worry!

There is going to be a break from Kelsey's story for awhile.  Not because I want to…but because I live in an area where the weather already thinks it should be winter.  Trillatia just doesn't look right with snow!

So there will be a 4 month or so break in Kelsey's story.  I was hoping that I would be able to get enough photos to last through the winter, but that unfortunately did not happen.  However…that means some of the other girls are going to get their own series.  Yay!

Chavonne's story will start showing up near the beginning of November.  Also Dana will get a trip story, much like Kelsey's trip to Chicago story.  And then there are a few other surprises I have for the winter.

I'm sorry that Kelsey's story has to go on hiatus.  I hope you'll come back in the spring and follow Kelsey again and until then, I hope you enjoy the other Journey Girls stories and reviews.

Thanks for reading!!!


Farrah Lily said...

I know what you mean about the weather! It's so hard for me to keep us as well, as I will do a photoshoot and then if I don't post it soon, it looks "offf" and unseasonal. I can't wait to see what other stories will be created throughout the winter. :)

Elizabeth said...

This is sad, but I understand. I am so excited for all your other posts throughout the winter, they sound AWESOME!

JGKelsey said...

Farrah Lily, it's wonderful to have seasons, but it makes it difficult to shoot an ongoing story through them!

JGKelsey said...

Elizabeth, I am a little bummed myself that Kelsey's adventure can't continue through the winter. It's so much fun to see where she is going. I think you'll enjoy the other stories too. Thanks for reading!!!