Sunday, June 26, 2016

Chavonne's Hoodie From Our Generation

Chavonne Looks Great in OG "Summer of Style"

One of the new outfits that came out recently from Our Generation is called “Summer of Style”. It's a regular outfit, which means that it's normally priced at around $12.99. This outfit includes a fancy sweatshirt or hoodie, a skirt, a plastic purse, two bracelets, and a pair of shoes.

The hoodie is a coral pink color with a zipper up the front, sleeves that go mid shoulder, and a little flair right below the waistline. It has pockets around the midriff that you could put things in for your doll. The fabric of the hoodie is a thicker sweatshirt material (similar to jersey material but not as soft) with an embossed pattern over the entire hoodie. The hood is big enough that you can stick your dolls hair in it and she should be able to cover her head. It may look a little strange because she's going to have a big bump in the back, but it will work. Other hoodies have a slit in the back so that the hair can be pulled through, but this one does not. The zipper can be difficult to move up and down not because the zipper is bad, just because it's hard to hold onto at times.

The bright yellow skirt is a very simple cotton skirt. It has elastic halfway around the waistline to make it easy to get on and off. The skirt stops right above the knees, and has a little bit of a hem at the bottom of the skirt. Although simple, it goes really well with this hoodie.

The shoes on this outfit are fairly simple. They are made of the same plastic rubber that all of the Our Generation shoes are made of at this price level. These shoes have dual colors though, making it look like the shoe has a sole. The loafers are a light baby blue on top with a tan colored soul. The top layer of the shoe also has some texture to it, which gives it more of a fabric feel. Fairly simple but very nice.

The purse is more of a bag then a purse. It is made out of a clear plastic that has the same design on it that is embossed on the fabric. It's a really unique bag and it really goes well with this outfit. The bag is very large and can hold quite a lot of things, which is nice. Looks more like a beach bag though then a purse. There's no clasp to keep the bag closed, which again makes sense if this is more of a bag then a purse.

The other neat accessory that comes with this outfit are the 2 bracelets. They are square on the outside but are circular in the middle. Although the bracelets look like they are made of hard plastic, they're actually made out of more of a rubberized plastic that can be bent. This is important since they would not be able to go around your dolls fingers if they didn’t bend.

You actually have to squeeze them together to get them over the fingers and onto the dolls wrist. They're really cute and make a great accessory to this outfit.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – This outfit is amazing for the price. It doesn't necessarily have a lot of accessories, but the accessories it does have are very unique. Plus the actual hoodie is wonderful. The embossed feel of the fabric is neat and unique, and the color is great. This skirt is simple, but the yellow is such a neat color. And the shoes are unique to the set, which is neat. It's good to see something different done with the plastic shoes!

Fitment 8 – This outfit fits surprisingly well on the Journey Girls. I would expect the hoodie to be quite big, but it actually fits fairly well. It's loose around the waist but not gigantic. The skirt fits wonderfully because of the elastic around the back. The bracelets fit perfectly. The only thing that doesn't fit great (and is not to be unexpected) are the shoes. Like many Our Generation shoes, they're just too wide to fit decently.

Versatility 10 – Everything that comes with this outfit can be used with other outfits. As I was taking it out of the package I was thinking of other skirts that would go with the hoodie as well as leggings that would work too. I was thinking of tops that would go with the skirt. And how neat the bracelets would be with so many different outfits.

Cuteness 9 – The hoodie is the main part of this outfit and it does a great job of making the outfit. The embossed look, with the little squiggles is just cute. And the bag with its matching design is adorable. The skirt could be a different color, and I think that this outfit would look even better. However, the yellow is also amazing and it takes the outfit in a little bit different direction, gives it a little more sass.

Overall 9 – As a non-deluxe outfit from Our Generation this one is very nice. The seams are done well, there are no issues with loose, the embossed look to the hoodie is amazing. The only complaint I would have is that the zipper can be difficult to get up and down. That's probably the quality of the zipper but it could just be that it's harder to hold at times. The shoes, even though they're not cloth, are cute and have a great design to them. It's nice to see shoes that are not all one color and have some definition to them. You will love these little bracelets that come with this outfit. They're very unique, very hip. If you see this outfit in the store definitely get it. As with all Our Generation outfits I suggest soaking this one in water, especially with the red color. When I soaked this outfit I get a lot of dye in the water. That may not mean that the dye would come off on your doll, but better safe than sorry.

AG note - Since Journey Girls are so much thinner than American Girl dolls, Our Generation outfits can fit drastically different on both of them.  Knowing that many people have both Journey Girls and American Girls, I am giving small reviews of how the outfits fit on American Girls too.  So on with the review.

The yellow skirt fits well on Journey Girls, but is tight on American Girl dolls.  It is actually difficult to get over their little tush.  It fits on Lea's waist once it is over her bottom.   The hoodie fits really well.  The zipper is difficult to zip up, especially getting it started.

Even though Our Generation and American Girl feet are about the same size, these shoes are super tight.  They fit, but wow are they tight.

So are the bracelets.  No, actually they aren't tight on Lea's wrist, they are difficult to get over Lea's fingers.  I had to squish her fingers to get the bracelets on.

It's a great outfit for the Journey Girls, but it is a little tight on American Girls.  Each Our Generation outfit has some difference in size that may make a difference in how tight the skirt is.  So don't let that deter you from buying this outfit.


Melody Silverleaf said...

Thank you for the dual review. I had thought about this outfit, but seeing that most of it is difficult to work with AG I'll pass. Very cute on Cavonne. Looks nice on Lea too, but I don't like to have to squeeze the fingers for the bracelets.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the shoe fit comparison!