Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Giovanna Looks as "Bright as the Sun"

A New Our Generation Outfit

Today we’re reviewing an Our Generation outfit called “Bright as the Sun”. It is a nice summer dress with a jean jacket, a plastic rubber purse, some cute sandals, and a pair of sunglasses. It is a deluxe outfit, which means it retails for about $17.99 at target.

The dress is very cute. It's an off white with two layers. The top layer is a thin see-through layer that has pink hearts on it. The bottom layer is a thicker cotton layer made so that the dress is not see-through. It has a high waist, similar to an empire waist. A big pink bow, offset to the left side, adorns the high waistline.

The high neckline curves down a little bit and creates thick shoulder straps on either side. The straps are thick enough to hide the dolls shoulder joints. The neckline looks really pretty on the Journey Girls since they have the breastplate.

The jean jacket is very cute. It's obviously an accessory though. It has no way of closing; no zipper, no buttons, no Velcro, it just stays open. It is made of a lighter blue jean material and is fairly lightweight. On both sides up near the neckline, there are embroidered white flowers. Makes the jean jacket a little bit different than the other ones that have come with Our Generation outfits. The jean jacket doesn't really bring anything to the outfit. However, it can be used with another outfit and would be a great addition to a very plain outfit.

Our generation usually has some very neat purses. Which makes this purse very interesting. Instead of being made out of cloth, it's made out of the rubber or plastic that is usually used for the shoes. It is a little bit more flexible then the shoe material, but is still very rigid. It could be that the design of it the purse, with the high walls and more of a rigid look, was more difficult to do with the fabric and so they opted for the plastic. Don't necessarily mind the plastic, but it is quite different from everything else that Our Generation has out. It also makes it so that the purse doesn't clasp shut. And it opens almost like an old coin purse that you squeeze at the sides. The bright yellow brings a lot to the outfit and ties into the sandals really well.

The sandals that this outfit comes with are very similar to many of the sandals that Our Generation has with other outfits. They have three straps; one by the toes, a silver braided strap a little further up in the middle, and then a yellow strap around the ankle.

On the heel there is a blue piece of fabric that matches the first strap. The yellow strap wraps around the ankle and Velcro's to this heel. Our Generation mostly makes their sandals with all fabric. This is the case with this outfit also. It would be wonderful to have more of a rigid bottom rather than the flabby fabric bottoms, but they do look nice. Like most Our Generation shoes, they are too wide for Giovanna’s feet. And the fabric on the heel is not ridged, making it easy for the sandals to slide off.

The last thing that this outfit comes with is pink heart sunglasses. They're similar to many of the other sunglasses that Our Generation has with their outfit set. These are cute especially with the heart design. They fit well on the dolls although they do slide up quite a bit and are hard to get back on the nose and face. It does depend on the doll for instance on Giovanna it was hard to get them to stay back, but it was easier on Kelsey. Must have to do with the shape of their faces.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 7 – This set retails for $17.99, which with everything that comes with is an okay deal. It would be great to have some sandals with actual soles. Even though not necessary it is nice to have the jean jacket and it is made well in the embroidery makes it distinctive. The purse, although a little strange is nice and the added yellow is very pretty with the outfit. The dress is very solid and well made all around.

Fitment 7 – Like many other Our Generation outfits this outfit is large on the Journey Girls. It's difficult to tell that though, even with just the dress because of the design of the dress. You're looking for something that is formfitting, this is not the outfit. The jean jacket seems to fit very well which is kind of surprising. Usually the jackets are big on the Journey Girls, but it fits Giovanna well. The sunglasses, as I mentioned before seem to fit well on some of the Journey Girls but not as well on other ones. And the sandals for like most of Our Generation shoes; they’re wide.

Versatility 7 –The dress is a dress that can look fancy or easy going. The jean jacket will make a great addition to many outfits. And a purse can go with many things. The sandals will also be easy to pair with other outfits. And what outfit doesn’t need heart sunglasses!

Cuteness 9 – The dress itself is extremely cute with the little hearts all over the place and the big bow at the waist. The dress could probably do without the big pink bow but it is kind of cute and when you don't have the jean jacket on it does add to the dress. The jean jacket itself is very nice with the embroidered flowers and is cute on its own. It would be great with a white T-shirt and some nice pants or a different skirt. And those heart sunglasses are stinking cute.

Overall 8 – This is a wonderful outfit if you need a summer outfit for your collection. It's cute and playful, not real fancy, but is a bit more than a spring dress. It's got great accessories like the purse, the jean jacket and the glasses. As with most things that Our Generation sells the quality is good but not necessarily great. There are a few stray strings throughout the outfit. However that's not enough to make this outfit not worth the money. Make sure to soak the Jean jacket so that none of the blue dye comes off on your doll. And as always if you see this in the store make sure you pick it up and decide later if you want to keep it since Our Generation outfits do not stick around for very long.

AG note - How does this outfit work on American Girl dolls?  Compared to the fit for the Journey Girls, this outfit fits wonderfully on the American Girl dolls.  Where things are large or loose on Giovanna, it is form fitting on Grace.  The only thing that doesn't fit well are the sandals, mostly because they are all cloth.  The dress shows off Grace's neck seam and the shoulder seams more than on Giovanna. This is a good outfit that fits both your American Girl doll and your Journey Girls dolls.


Melody Silverleaf said...

Adorable outfit and set. Not fond of the sandals at all. I think we have a pair that could work instead of the floppy cloth ones. The denim jacket is cute and could be used with other outfits even without closing.

Emma said...

That is a gorgeous outfit on Giovanna!:)

Sharon said...

I do like this outfit, and think the denim jacket is a really nice addition especially with the embroidered flowers which make it more girlie.
Thank you for the review.

Zen Dolls said...

Such a cute outfit :)