Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chavonne's Journey Girls Story: Getting Amped

A Car Wash For New Amps

A week later, with the sun shinning brightly, the warm air all around them, Mikaella, Chavonne, Callie, and Jordanna meet at the school, ready to wash cars and earn money. 

Mikaella volunteers to collect the money from people as they come to get their cars washed.  Callie is going to wash the windows, Chavonne and Jordanna trade off washing and rinsing the cars.  “I am so excited!” Mikaella exclaims.  “Do you really think we’ll make enough to buy some amps?’

“I sure hope so!” Chavonne responds as the first car pulls in.  Mikaella runs out to greet them.

“Meredith?  So good to see you!” Mikaella greets as the other girls wait excitedly for Meredith to pull forward.

Meredith hands Mikaella her money.  “What are raising money for?”

“Oh…we’re starting a band and we need some amps.”  Mikaella replies timidly.

Meredith’s eyes get wide, “Really!” she exclaims.  “That is so cool.  You have to tell me when your first gig is!”

“Definitely!”  Mikaella agrees. “Well, let’s get that car washed.”  Meredith pulls her Jeep up to where Chavonne, Jordanna, and Callie are waiting.  They all greet Meredith and thank her for coming to their car wash.  Chavonne sprays down the car, while Jordanna gets it all sudsy.  

Once Jordanna has washed the entire car, Chavonne rinses it and Mikaella and Callie go to work.   Mikaella dries the entire car, making sure that there are no dirty spots left behind. 

Callie does a great job on the windows with her squeegee. 

As they finish with Meredith’s Jeep, another car pulls in.  Mikaella runs over to meet them as the rest of the girls wave goodbye to Meredith and thank her for coming.

“I am excited to hear you girls play!” Meredith yells to them as she drives away.  Chavonne waves goodbye thinking I hope we end up meeting her expectations.

Mikaella is checking in the next car.  “Hi Mikaella,” greets Kelsey.

“Well, Kelsey and Dana.  So good to see you!”

Dana leans over Kelsey to talk to Mikaella “We heard you are raising money for your band!”

“How did you hear that?” questions Mikaella.

“Oh Meredith text us all,” explained Kelsey as she hands the money to Mikaella.

“Cool!  Well, pull up and we’ll get your car all cleaned up.” Mikaella gestures towards where Chavonne and the others are standing.  As soon as Dana pulls the car forward the girls get started.  

Everybody does their part, washing the car, rinsing it off, squeegeeing the windows, making sure the car is all sparkly.  

When they are done, they step back, say goodbye and thank Dana and Kelsey for coming.

“Good luck!  I hope you make enough money for your band!”  Kelsey hollers as Dana pulls away.  The girls smile at each other as another car pulls in.  Mikaella runs out to meet them.  She is not surprised to see Kyla.  Meredith really did text everyone!

“Hi, Kyla.  Thanks for coming.”

“Of course,” replies Kyla.  “This is great. I get my car cleaned and I get to help you girls get your band started!”

“We appreciate the help.” Mikaella says thankfully as she takes Kyla’s money and shows her where to go.  As Kyla pulls up, Mikaella asks the other girls, “Hey, you want some music on?”

“Yeah!” they all yell back.  Mikaella plugs her iPod in and turns on the boom box.

They sing Elle King and Taylor Swift as the scrub Kyla’s car clean.  Having way too much fun, they giggle at each other as they finish Kyla’s Jeep.  

They all wave goodbye to Kyla and get ready for the next customer.  There are lots of people that come through their car wash.  By the end of the day Mikaella is tuckered out from all of the running back and forth she was been doing.  Chavonne is soaked from the water spray as is Jordanna.  And Callie hopes she is done washing windows forever!

Finally as the afternoon ends, they sit down on the curb to take a much-needed rest.  While they listen to music, Jordanna drinks a soda, while Mikaella counts the money.  Chavonne and Callie just relax, glad that the day is done.

“Well…” Chavonne inquires oh Mikaella.  “How did we do?”

“Five hundred ten, five hundred eleven, five hundred twelve. We got five hundred twelve dollars!” Mikaella exclaimed as she finished her counting.  “Do you think that is enough for some amps and a few mics?” she asked looking at Chavonne.

“Gosh, I hope so,” Chavonne replied.  “It should be.  Even if it’s not quite enough…it’s still awesome!” She stood up, too excited to stay sitting.  “Give me a five!” she enthusiastically requested of Mikaela.

Mikaella responded by standing and giving her a hard high five.  “Come on you two, get in here.”  Chavonne encouraged.  All of the girls put their hands up, high fiving each other.  “To our band.” Chavonne cries.

“To our band!” they all reply.

“Hey what are we going to call ourselves?” Callie asks.

Check back next week to see what happens next!


Sharon said...

You do the cutest photostories! Another winner!

Emma said...

Aw, this was so cute!:) Great job on the photostory! Can't wait to see what happens!:)

Cassandra said...

Great story as usual...but... aren't those girls a little young to be driving? LOL!

JGKelsey said...

Thank you Emma and Sharon!

JGKelsey said...

I totally agree! I don't know of anywhere that an 8 year old can drive a car. Maybe they are Power Wheels. 🙂

Shosy G said...

This was so well done - super cute! Love those Journey Girls - I just rescued one from an antique mall too. Thanks for sharing ^_^.

Michelle Doyle said...

Great photography. You're an excellent story teller