Friday, May 13, 2016

Journey Girls Roller Bag

Jetsetter Luggage Set

Since the 2nd year that Journey Girls were out they have always had a suitcase. Makes sense; It’s pretty hard to go on journeys without luggage. The first few years saw the girls using a blue plastic suitcase. In 2013 they had a pink plastic suitcase. The suitcase that is being reviewed today was first seen in 2014. This suitcase is still out, though it has been rereleased twice. Both times it was rereleased the color on the outside of the suitcase, and the accessory colors have changed (minimally). The set retails for about 16.99. It's a nice little set, but Our Generation has a set out that has a lot more accessories and has a little bit bigger suitcase (granted it is $24.99 also).

Our Generations Travel set. Look at all of the amazing accessories and lots of different colors!!!
So let's look at this Journey Girls suitcase.

Unlike most suitcases made by other doll companies the Journey Girls suitcase is a roller bag; more of a duffel bag then a suitcase. The roller bag is fairly simple; it has blue plastic wheels on one end with stoppers to help keep the bag from tipping over when the girls are pulling it. The wheels are super cheap feeling.

On the other end is a pullout “T” handle. When the handle is pulled all the way out the roller bag gets a little flimsy. There's a zipper down the entire length of the bag, which does make it easy to open. The bottom of the bag is fairly solid and feels like it has cardboard in it to keep it rigid. The design on the bag is very cute with blue and pink paisley designs covering the bottom part of the bag, while the top half (where the zipper is) is a solid pink. The bag is also not very large…more of a weekend bag than a traveling the world bag.

The accessories that come with this set are very minimal. There's a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, a shampoo bottle, a conditioner bottle and a hideous camera.

The set also has a couple of paper accessories, including a passport, a travel journal, a credit card, and a map. All of the accessories are basically done in 2 colors; pink and blue. There needs to be a little variety here. The only piece that feels like it isn’t part of a 99cent toy set is the toothbrush.

The bottles are a solid color with no defined cap. The toothpaste has a nice cap.

The camera is horribly big and looks like it was made for a two year old.

So sad since in many of the accessory packs Journey Girls includes iPhones.

What gives? When the girls are traveling they need to be able to take awesome photos!

All ratings are out of 10

Playability 6 – Even though the accessories aren’t awesome, they do have good play value. It would be better if the caps came off, but that is a huge chocking risk. If the bag comes out in a new release it would be awesome if Toys R Us released it with one of their new clear rubber wrist accessory holders. Otherwise the girls can’t really hold onto the bag and pull it. It also needs a few more accessories to come along with it.

Value 5 – This set is tough to decide the value. On one hand the bag is cute, but it’s not made super well and it’s a bit small. The accessories that come with it are horrible. Like the plastic flats that come with every outfit, these accessories feel thrown in because they needed something other than the bag.

Quality 6 – The bag is made okay (except for the wheels). It is one of the best sewn items that Journey Girls has out. It would be nice to have it in a different color (not blue or purple!). The accessories feel cheap: an after thought rather than a part of the set.

Overall 6 – This is a decent set. It's got a okay amount of accessories and the bag itself is well made (with the exception of the wheels). However the lack of different colors and space make it not as much of a value compared to other suitcases on the market or even the older Journey Girls suitcase. I noticed that in my local Toys R Us store, the set was on clearance for $9.99. At that price the set is a little more acceptable.

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