Saturday, May 7, 2016

Chavonne's Journey Girl Story: The 1st Practice!

Chavonne's Band

Chavonne is pacing back and forth at the front of her garage, waiting for the other girls to arrive.

There was a full 15 minutes until two o clock rolled around, but she was so excited that she couldn’t do anything else but wait.

She walked over and picked up the music that she had printed off.  House of the Rising Sun is kind of an old song, she thought, but it’s a good start out song.  Before she finished flipping through the pages of music, Jordanna arrived with her keyboard in tow.

Chavonne put the music down and ran out to help Jordanna with her keyboard and stand. “Here,” Jordanna said handing her the Keyboard stand, “I’ll carry the keyboard.  Am I the first one here?”

Setting the stand up Chavonne answers Jordanna, “First one.  I hope Callie and Mikaella come.  I could barely sleep I was so excited.”

“Me too,” Jordanna replies as she sets the keyboard on the stand. “I think this is going to be super awesome!”  As Jordanna finishes her sentence, Callie arrives with her drum set stuffed in a wagon.

“Oh my gosh!” Chavonne exclaims as she rushes over to Callie to help her.  “Maybe we should meet at your house next time.”

“Nah.” Callie answered “But I think I may just leave these here…if that is okay.  I’ll practice with these here and I have an electric drum set at home.”

Chavonne nods her head, “Yeah, that is no problem.  Way easier to find a space here than to lug them back and forth from your house.”

“Hey ladies!” Mikaella called from the driveway. 

“Awesome!  You came,” exclaimed Jordanna.  “I wasn’t sure if you’d make it.”

“Of course.  I’m just not sure how well I’ll be able to play with you all.”
“You’ll do great,” Chavonne encouraged, as the other girls nodded in agreement.

Picking up the sheet music, she passed it out to everyone.  “Now I know this isn’t the newest music, but it is a great song to start with.  And it’s pretty easy.”

The girls looked over the music. Mikaella nodded as she read the notes.  Jordanna studied the page intently as Callie looked at her sheet, gave a thumb up, and said, “Looks good.  Should we try it out?”

“Who’s going to sing?” Mikaella asks as she gets her bass set up.

“Let’s try it without singing first…then we’ll figure out who our front man…or girl is going to be.” Chavonne laughingly explains.  They all agree that is a good idea.  Chavonne counts them off  “1…2…3” and they begin playing.

Strumming her guitar, Chavonne starts the song off.   Mikaella picks her bass as Callie wails on her drums.  Jordanna waits for the right time then plays her chords for the song.

Wow…we sound pretty good. Chavonne marvels as they continue to play.  She looses her spot on the music and starts having some trouble suddenly.

She tries to find her place but is having a hard time.  She looks up and sees Mikaella also having some difficulty.

Chavonne puts her hand up for them to stop.  Callie continues for a few more seconds, then sees Chavonne and stops.

“That was awesome!” Callie exclaims.

“Pretty good.” concurs Jordanna.  “Although I have a hard time hearing anybody but Callie…not your fault Callie.”

With an acknowledging nod Callie says, “Yeah, the drums are super loud.  We either have to make you all louder or me quieter.”

“I lost my place, because I couldn’t really hear myself,” agrees Mikaella.

“Me too…well and maybe the fact that this is our first time playing the song.” jokes Chavonne.  They all smile and give acknowledging laugh.  “I think we need some amps and maybe some mics.”

“How are we going to be able to afford amps?” questions Mikaella.

“I think I have an idea.” Chavonne says.   “What if we do a car wash?”

“That is an awesome idea!” agrees Jordanna.  Mikaella and Callie agree.

“I’ll get everything we need.”  Chavonne tells the others, “You guys just show up at the school parking lot ready to wash some cars.” 

“Woohoo!” cheers Callie.

Next week, the girls raise some money to help make their band awesome!!!

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This was an awesome photostory! I loved it!:)