Monday, May 2, 2016

Chavonne's Journey Girl Story: Asking Callie

Will Callie Join the Band?

Chavonne has butterflies in her stomach for the two classes between Jordanna talking to her and math class.  When her science class let out Chavonne actually ran down the hall to get to the classroom door early to see Callie.  Out of breathe, but excited, Chavonne waited at the door until she saw Callie.

“Callie! Hey Callie!”

Walking up to Chavonne casually, “What…” Chavonne put her arm around her and pulled her into the classroom, leading her to their desks.

“What is going on?” Callie asks, concerned and a little annoyed.

Chavonne did not waste anytime, blurting out the question, “Do you want to be in a band?  Jordanna and I are thinking of starting a band.  It would be really cool if you joined, since you play the drums and we need a drummer and I would play guitar and Jordanna would play keyboard and Jordanna is asking Mikaella if she wants to play bass with us and…”

Callie holds up her hand, “Whoa…slow down!” Chavonne stops babbling.  Callie is quit for a second, but to Chavonne it seems like it was half an hour, then Callie replies, “I would love to be in your band!”

Chavonne claps and smiles, “Eeeee…I am so excited!”

Callie smiles too as people start to come into class.  “So when are we going to get together?”

“I don’t know.  I’ll text you tonight once I talk to Jordanna.”

“Sounds great.” Callie says as she gets things out of her backpack for math class.  Chavonne is in a daze, still smiling at nothing as she thinks of what the band is going to be like.  Oh, we’ll have to practice in my garage.  Maybe we can play at the school Pep Rally.  Oh we’ll have to come up with a name for the band.  And we’ll have to get some awesome outfits.

“Chavonne!” Callie says under her breath giving Chavonne a little shove “Get your stuff out.  Mrs. Buckwood hate when you don’t have your supplies out.”

“Oh yeah.” Chavonne starts pulling her math book and notebook out.  She’s not sure how well she is going to concentrate on math today.  Luckily this is the last class for the day. As soon as the school day was done, she dug out her cell phone, calling Jordanna to see what had happened with Mikaella.

“Well,” Jordanna begins, “she said ‘okay, but no promises.’”

“What does that mean?” asks Chavonne as she walked down the sidewalk to her house.  Her house was only three blocks form the school, making it easy to get home.

“She’s not sure that she can play with a band.  We just have to give her some time, I think.”

“Okay,” says Chavonne feeling a little rejected.  “When do you think we should get together to practice?”

“Let’s wait until the weekend,” Jordanna muses, “maybe Saturday afternoon?”

“That works!  Let’s all meet at my house at around two,” decides Chavonne.  “We can practice in the garage.  I’ll text Mikaella and Callie about the practice.”

“Okay.  See you then!” Jordanna said goodbye to Chavonne, as Chavonne arrived at her house.  She ran inside, throwing off her backpack as she went.

Jumping on her bed, tummy first, she began texting the other girls.  They all agreed to meet at Chavonne’s house on Saturday at two.

Chavonne rolled onto her back, looking at the ceiling she let out a squeal of delight.  We’re going to have a band!!!

Next practice!!!

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