Saturday, April 30, 2016

Journey Girls Vanity Review

Is the Vanity Worth the Money?

Furniture has such great play value when it comes to dolls.  So it’s great to see the expansion of the Journey Girls line to include furniture.  The vanity set was released last year when Toys R Us made their huge push of new products.  It is a cute set made of painted white wood. It comes with the vanity, which has a sliding drawer, and a chair.

Many of the furniture sets from Journey Girls require some sort of assembly.  This set comes completely assembled.  A nice surprise!

The chair is round with a round back and a fabric cushion.   It looks low, but sits Meredith perfectly.  The back of the chair is actually a very pale lavender that matches the lavender cushion.  The chair is simple, but very cute and well made!

The vanity is very well made.  It is sturdy, the legs are all the same length, the drawer slides easily; really a nice piece.  It’s also nice to see that the mirror is not just a reflective sticker, but seems to be an actual mirror.  The downside of this is that it could break if someone isn’t careful.  There are two “jewelry boxes” on the counter of the vanity that you can put brushes, bottles, earrings, and other trinkets in.   They are nothing fancy, but they are nice to help organize things.

All ratings are out of 10

Playability 8 – It’s a vanity…it’s cute and it’s a great piece, but it only has so much playability.  That being said, it’s a great vanity.  The little boxes on the counter are wonderful for storage of little items as is the drawer. 

Value 7 – At $39.99 this is a decent value.  It is one of the better built wooden Journey Girl pieces of furniture.  It’s an even better deal right now as it is on clearance.  At $39.99 the vanity is still much cheaper than anything that American Girl sells.   If you can get it now, it is well worth it if you want a vanity set.

Quality 9 – Compared to some of the other wooden sets, this one is really nice.  It is still made out of chip wood, so it will scratch and could break if not taken care of.  You won’t have to be delicate with it though.  It looks like it should cost more (and probably would if it was sold by another company)

Overall 8 – A very solid 8!   It is a well-made vanity with great little details like the jewelry boxes and the working drawer.  The chair is very cute.  At $39.99 it’s not a bad purchase.  I was able to get it for $14.99, which I think, is a steal!  Watch for sales and grab this cute little piece of furniture.

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Ellie said...

It looks extremely cute! It's always great to find cheaper alternatives to AG furniture.

Ellie | The Dolls of 221B