Saturday, April 16, 2016

Chavonne's Journey Girl Story

What's in a Band

I wonder who is playing that music, Jordanna thought to herself as she opened the door to the band room.

“Hey Chavonne.” Jordanna excitedly greeted.

“Hi Jordanna.  I was just practicing.”

“You sound awesome! I didn’t know you played guitar.”

“Yeah.” Chavonne meekly replied, “I’m not super great at it, but I want to be.  I would love to be in a band someday!”

“Me too.”  Jordanna’s eyes light up with excitement.  “You know that I play keyboard right?”

“Ahhh…I knew you played piano.”

“And Callie plays the drums…” Jordanna continues as Chavonne gives her an inquisitive look. “And Mikaella plays the bass!”

“Uhh, okay?  That’s cool.” Chavonne shrugs her shoulders.

“Chavonne! That is a band!  We could totally have our own band!”

Chavonne’s face lights up at the realization of what Jordanna is saying.  She stands up, laying her guitar in the chair she was just sitting in.  “We totally could have an awesome band!  Do you think the other girls would join us?”

“There is only one way to find out.  Why don’t I talk to Mikaella, I see her in Social Studies next period.” says Jordanna.

“Okay.  I’ll talk to Callie when I go to math class.”

“Oh, this is going to be so awesome!” Jordanna smiles and says.

“Let’s just hope they say yes!” Chavonne reminds Jordanna as they head towards the door of the band room. 

Check back next week to find out how it goes with Callie and Mikaella!


Sharon said...

Oh what a great idea for the girls to put a band together, I didn't realise they were all so musical ;)
Love love love Chavonne, she's so pretty, I would love to have her in my collection one day :)

Canadian Doll Notebook said...

Those girls had better say yes!