Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chavonne's Journey Girl Story: Jordanna Asks Mikaella

Jordanna Builds a Band

Jordanna waited until the end of class and then approached Mikaella.  “Hey Mikaella!

“Well, hi Jordanna.  Can you believe the paper that we are going to have to write for this class?  I am not looking forward to it.”

“Yeah, me either.  A two-page paper on our favorite state? I don’t know if I can write that much!” Jordanna said.

“Do you know what state you are going to write about?” Mikaella asked.

“Maybe Alaska or Hawaii.  I don’t know yet.”  responded Jordanna.  “Do you know what state you want to write about?”

Mikaella began to pack her backpack as she told Jordanna, “I am going to write about Montana.  I love Glacier National Park!”  She finishes putting everything in her backpack and joins Jordanna as the head out of the room.

“That sounds neat.” Jordanna walks side by side with Mikaella down the hall.  “Totally different subject.  Do you still play the bass?”  Mikaella give Jordanna a look of did you really just ask that?  “I mean…I know you still play the bass.  I see you in band class.  That was a dumb question…”

“Jordanna, is there going to be a question somewhere in this conversation?”

“Sorry.” Jordanna sighs as she slows a little.  “I’m wondering if you would be interested in joining our band?”

“Whose band?”

“Chavonne and I want to start a band!”

“I’m not sure about that.”  Mikaella groans.  I have never really played anything outside of band.  Definitely not rock music!”

“That’s okay,” Jordanna encourages.  “We’ll work together and we’ll be awesome.  Come on, just say you’ll give it a try.”

“Mmm…okay!”  concedes Mikaella.  “But no promises!”

“Yep. No promises.” Jordanna repeats, smiling as she does.

“Alright, text me the details.  I gotta run.  I’ll see you late.” Mikaella waves as she heads off to her next class.  

Jordanna is so excited.  She didn’t say “yes” totally.  But she definitely did not say no!   I hope Chavonne can get Callie to say yes!

Will Chavonne have better luck with Callie?  Check back next week to see if the band will come together!

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Very nice story can't wait to hear more! :)