Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another New Journey Girls Outfit

Journey Girls Dana in a New Peplum Outfit

While we all await the release of the new Journey Girls, we can enjoy the recently released outfits.  One of the outfits that was released was the "Tiered Peplum Top and Printed Legging Set - Blue color".  (These names are super thoughtful!)  The outfit comes with a bright blue (hence the name) tiered blouse, black and white pants, a yellow and white bag, a daisy headband, and the Journey Girls dress shoes (with brand new fabric bows!)

A peplum is "A short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress." Journey Girls has added two more tiers to the top to give it a different look. The blouse has a satin layer as its base, then adds a shear blue material to make the tiers and the peplum (although there is also a satin peplum - "peplum" kind of fun to say!). Shear blue fabric is also used for the flutter sleeves. The top Velcros halfway up Dana's back, so it needs to be pulled up over her legs.

Wow...those are some wild pants! The black and white pants are made of a material with a little stretch; not quite stretch pants, but not straight cotton either. There are black diamonds at the core of the design on the pants, and then lines around the diamonds. These pants are quite cute, especially with a plain top like this. They won't work with everything, but they are a fun, cute pair of pants.

The bag is a simple leather like material with yellow and white strips on it. It has burnt sienna colored handles that almost fit over Dana's shoulders. It would be nice if the straps were just a little longer so that the bag could be worn on the shoulder without falling down. Cute functional bag, best worn on the wrist.

A cute addition to this outfit is the headband, which has beautiful white daisies on it. The band is the same burnt sienna that the handles on the bag are, with a white piece of elastic sewn in at the bottom to make it easy to get on and off. There are four fabric daisies on the top, with little yellow middles. It brings a splash of color to the outfit and makes it playful.

Toys R Us heard you complaints about the many plastic shoes that come with all of their outfits. So they put the same plastic shoes in this set...but they put a fabric bow on the top! Whoa! Totally awesome shoe now!

Okay...seriously, it helps, but lets do some different shoes, please. This outfit would look super cute with a nice black strappy shoe. It would have been neat to see it with a yellow shoe; it could have been the plastic style. There are so many black/brown plastic shoes in the Journey Girl collection, we need something different. It has been nice to see the sandals in some of the sets, but Journey Girl fans are due for some new styles of shoes.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8 – A good value, with one more accessory than the pink and white outfit released at the same time as this one, the peplum outfit could do with just a little more. Better shoes would be a great start!

Fitment 8 – The pants fit perfectly on Dana. The top is loose, which is not usually the case with a peplum tops. The extra room makes the top look baggy rather than flowy. The shoes and headband fit great, but as mentioned before, the bag could have benefited from longer straps.

Versatility 9 – This is a great outfit to share pieces with other outfits. The top looks great with white pants or even light jeans. The pants will go with almost any solid top. The headband may be a difficult sell on some outfits, but it's so stinking cute, you'll want to figure out a way to make it work!

Cuteness 8 – Cute outfit. Not amazing, but better than the London T-shirt outfits by a long shot. The pants are awesome. The top is okay.

Overall 8 – A solid outfit that will add some great pieces to your collection. The pants and headband are unique and cute. The top is cute, it's just not outstanding. This is another great outfit to pick up when Toys R Us has a sale. Again, ditch the shoes and find some other cute ones!

AG note - One reader asked that I comment on the fitment of the Journey Girls outfits on American Girl dolls (thanks Catherine!). I like this idea, so new reviews will have this added note in which I will mention how the outfit fits AG dolls.

The peplum top fits an American Girl doll, but it is snug around the neck. It fits, but just barely. The pants are form fitting on Dana, and even though they stretch there is no way they will fit on an American Girl doll. This is not a great outfit for AG dolls.


Sharon said...

I like this outfit, and once again I will say "I wish our Toys r Us had the outfits!"
I visited our TRU last week and they have one outfit.....the beige coat which is edged in pink and the flowery boots. Honestly, that outfit has been around forever!
I do like the daisy hairband, I have some flowers here, I might make a similar one for one of my girls :)
Thanks for the usual good review.

Farrah Lily said...

Hi JGK, nice review...I think this is a very cute outfit and Dana is the perfect doll to model it! I love the photos with the yellow background. Very pretty!

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Farrah Lily! I love the yellow background...I think it looks super fun. Plus it shows off the blue really well.

JGKelsey said...

Sharon, Ugh...I wish there was a better system for the stocking of the Journey Girls. It is so random! You could order online most of the time. Hope you find some new outfits soon!

Canadian Doll Notebook said...

I was just thinking that the outfit could use better shoes, when I read your comment! Hahaha, great minds think alike! Lovely review, as always love reading your blog!

Zen Dolls said...

Dana looks so cute in this outfit!:)

Zen Dolls said...

Dana looks so cute in this outfit!:)