Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our Generation's "Tropical Trends."

Callie in an Adorable New Our Generation Outfit

One of the regular sets that just came out from Our Generation is called “Tropical Trends”. This cute summer jumper dress also comes with a little light sweater, shoes, flower sunglasses, and a really cute headband. The set retails for about $12.99, but can be found on sale sometimes for $11.99 at Target.

The dress is a light lavender with a pink pineapple print on it sporadically. Sounds kind of goofy but it's actually very cute. The dress has a bibbed neckline of the same material that the dress is made out of. The bib has hot pink piping that matches the printed pineapples on the dress. The dress is fairly straight until it gets down to the bottom where the skirt part ruffles and flares.

The sweater is definitely an accessory it has a button and loop to help hold it shut at the top and then is loose and open at the bottom. Made out of white lace material, this sweater isn’t going to keep Callie very warm. It's nice to have the button rather than Velcro since the Velcro would get caught on the lace and probably ruin the lace fairly quickly.

The headband that comes with this outfit is a similar type of lace material as the sweater, but is bright pink like the pineapples on the dress. It's a full headband with stretch elastic at the bottom and then a nice bow at the top. The bow is rather flat, but still looks really cute.

The sunglasses are similar to many other sunglasses that Our Generation has out. These ones are shaped more like a sunflower or a flower. They are white with the shaded part being round. They fit really well on the dolls face and don't seem to slip down. The one thing that is strange is that the sunglass part very see-through. So you can see the eyes of the doll very easily. I guess that’s okay; there are a lot of sunglasses that are that way.

The shoes are the standard style shoes that come with many of Our Generation outfits. It's a flat bottom shoe with a strap that goes across at the ankle.

The strap comes across and uses a hole and stub type of closure to strap. It’s easier to use than the slide through buckle type of strap. The shoes are a little bit dressy, but nothing real fancy. They go perfectly with this outfit.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 6 – Not much in this set. Although to tell you the truth, I’m okay with this outfit not having a purse. Like plastic Journey Girls flats, I have so many purses I don’t know what to do with them! The outfit is a quality dress, especially the little sweater. There just isn’t much there.

Fitment 7 – The dress is loose on Callie. If it were made for Journey Girls it would be a bit more form fitting. Doesn’t hang funny or look bad though. The shoes are too wide, as sis normal with Our Generation sets.

Versatility 6 – Not much else you can do with a one-piece dress, but the other pieces it comes with can be used for other outfits. Although there are many white lace sweaters made by Our Generation, this one has the great ability of being able to close around the neck or be left open. And the headband is really cute!

Cuteness 9 – Callie looks adorable in this dress! The colors are really pretty. It’s simple and fun. The dress looks great with the sweater or without it. The little gathered bib on top makes the dress special and unique. Just cute!

Overall 7 – Yes, the outfit is super cute, but it doesn’t have much to it, it is a thinner material, is a one piece dress that can only be used as a dress, and it’s loose on Callie. But I don’t care…it’s super cute! If you can find this on sale, it’s well worth the money. Just know that it’s a simple outfit.

AG note - The dress is tight on Annie, especially around the midsection.  The dress also seems short on Annie compared to on Callie, but that could be because it is tighter up top and doesn't hang as well.

The sweater and headband fit perfectly.  The shoes work okay, but the strap is super difficult to attach.  You really have to stretch the strap to make it stick on the the little plastic knob on the shoe.

Not a great outfit for American Girl dolls.  Very cute!!!  Just too tight.

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Kiki's Korner said...

I'm finding that the newer AG dolls tend to be a little thinner than the old ones, so perhaps they will fit some of these outfits better.