Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Callie's Trip to Glacier National Park: Day Two

Callie's Drive on "Going to the Sun Road"

Callie is up as the sun rises, getting ready for her second day at Glacier National Park.  Today she is traveling up the "Going to the Sun" road, which is a 50 mile stretch of 2 lane highway that snakes it's way through the mountains. Before starting up the road she stops at the entrance to the park to take a photo by the National Park sign.

At first the road follows Lake McDonald, a clear blue glacier lake that spans almost 9 miles.

The mountain peaks reflects off of the serene lake crating a double image in some places. As the lake narrows Callie can hear the sound of rushing water from the creek ahead.  Beautiful blue falls cascade through the rocky beginnings of the mountains.

Without much warning the road begins to climb.  Callie looses sight of the mountains as the disappear in fog.

Mountain peaks appear and disappear as the road climbs higher, then suddenly the road bursts through the clouds and Callie is surrounded by mountain peaks.

As she gets out to take pictures she looks down into the valley where they had just driven from and sees the thick blanket of clouds.  It looks like stretched out cotton, she thinks.

Each curve in the road brings a different view of the mountain peaks, as the clouds change the scenery as the envelop the mountains.

There are pull out spots everywhere and Callie wants to stop at almost everyone of them.  Each view seems more fantastic than the one before it.

On the right the steep cliff of the mountain shows the majesty of the mountains and the valley below it, while on the left side waterfalls pour down the steep sides from the snowy peaks high above.

As they round one corner they come upon an area where the cliff wall is covered in small waterfalls for a hundred feet.

Callie gets out to explore the area and finds a sign that says this area is called the "Weeping Wall".  At times the wall is flowing with water, later in the season there is a smaller area of the wall that "weeps".  Callie is excited that she gets to see the wall with so much water running from it.

Callie stops at a few more turnouts as they get closer to Logan pass, the highest point on the "Going to the Sun Road" at 6,646 feet above sea level.

Today she is going to skip stopping at the pass, but will come back to explore the peak tomorrow.  Past Logan Pass the road is less winding, but still just as beautiful.  Prairies spread out with wildflowers blooming in them as the slopes are not as steep on this side of the mountain range.

A cascading waterfall goes right under the road.  Callie has to stop and take a photo by it.  It's just to beautiful to pass up.

In places along the road there are still large hunks of snow.  Many times the road can not open until mid July because of the snow fall and the dangers of a snowy road.  This leftover snow is not light and fluffy, but is hard and compact, almost like an ice chunk.  As she nears the snow she can feel the cool air coming from it.

Getting back to her campsite she is extremely tired.  It has been a long day with amazing adventure.

She decides to finish the day by roasting some marshmallows on the fire, then making them into s'mores!  Mmmm...what a great way to end an awesome day!

Check back for day three of Callie's trip to Glacier National Park!


Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing Callie's trip with me. Callie sure is on an adventure.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Callie loves the outdoors.

Melody Silverleaf said...

Gorgeous photos! Looks like you had a great time.
Be extra careful with that campfire; you know what Smokey says. :-)

Sharon said...

Amazing, your scenery is incredible and beautiful. I love the 'weeping wall' and the high mountain peaks. And crazy, snow in July!!
Thanks for the gorgeous photo tour.

JGKelsey said...

Sometimes the road is closed into the middle of July because of snow. Crazy! Glad you liked the photos!

JGKelsey said...

Yeah...no real campfires for us. It was still dry and Smokey would tell us "no fires." 😄

JGKelsey said...

Glad you like the photos Marion!

JGKelsey said...

Definitely! Loves exploring!

Barbara Faught said...

Beautiful pictures thank you. I love your blog lots of information. Did you cut Callie's hair to make the bangs? I have her but she does not have bangs.