Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Callie's Trip to Glacier National Park: Day Five

Going Home

Callie decided to spend a little time at Two Medicine Lake before she headed back home.  Two Medicine is on the east side of Glacier National Park, but has a separate entrance from the Going to the Sun Road.  It's at the base of the mountains, nestled in the valley.  

The first place that Callie stops is Running Eagle Falls.  This is Callie's favorite waterfall of the entire trip, because it is so unique.  It is actually a twin waterfall.  

The main part of the falls comes out a hole half way down the rock cliff, while a small falls comes off the top of the cliff.  When the snow melt is high, the top falls gush with water.  

Later in the summer barely anything goes over the top  of the cliff.  Callie feels lucky that she gets to see the falls with both waterfalls together.

As she walks along the path she stops to look at some of the wildflowers.  There are bright orange flowers that look spiky, called "Indian Paintbrushes".  

A purple flower that she really likes is called a "fireweed".  

And of course there are lots of the "bear grass", a group of small white flowers in a puff or cone at the top of a long stem.

When she gets to Two Medicine Lake Callie's jaw drops.  The mountains are amazing from this point of view.  The lake looks like glass and reflects the mountains like a mirror.  

She can even see the moon in the water.  It is AMAZING!  She wants to stay there all day, but that means delaying the drive home.  

So she marvels one last time at the beauty of Glacier National Park, then gets in the car for the trip home.  It's a long drive back to Minnesota!

Hope you enjoyed Callie's trip!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos. Callie sure looks like she enjoyed every minute of the trip.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The scenery is gorgeous. Callie is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Callie had a beautiful and educated vacation. Safe trip home.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous photos and I love her outfit, she's such a pretty little thing and you really bring her to life!