Saturday, July 9, 2016

Callie's Trip to Glacier National Park: Day Three

Callie's Trip to Logan Pass

On Callie's third day in Glacier National Park, she travels back up Going to the Sun Road, going the short way to save some time.  She wants to spend some time at the highest point that she can get to on the road.

As she is pulling up to the visitors center she sees a group of mountain goats coming down the side of the snow covered mountain.  There are three adults and two little babies.  The goats do an awkward looking run/walk down the steep embankment, never loosing their footing.

Once they are flatter ground, they wander around a little, studying Callie and the other tourists that have gathered to see them. The adults are loosing their heavy winter coats and look scraggly because of the lumps of fur hanging off of their bodies.

The babies look so soft and fluffy, Callie just wants to go sneeze them they are so cute.  She doesn't though.  She knows wild animals are not to be messed with...even cute ones.

Soon the goats venture over the steep edge of the cliff, getting away from all the commotion.  Callie walks the opposite direction towards the open space between the mountains.

It is probably a prairie, but it's hard to tell, because there is still snow on the ground.  She walks a little ways up the path, designated by sticks in the ground.

It's important to stay on the path.  Wondering off of it can hurt or kill the vegetation underneath the snow.  When that happens it can take years for it to grow back because the growing season is only a few months long.

So she stays on the path marveling again at the beauty of the mountain tops.  If she continued along this path she would come to hidden lake, which is very hidden today because of the snow and the clouds.  She decides that the 3 mile hike is probably not going to be worth the cloudy view.

As she wonders around on the snowpack she pics up snow and makes a snowball.  But decides it's not a good idea to throw it.

She drops it on the ground and takes another look at the snow covered mountain tops before she gets in the car to go find her next adventure.

Driving down the road she comes upon a beautiful little cascading waterfall.  Runoff from the snow above flows down the mountain, creating a step like waterfall.

Callie sits down by the falls, relaxing as she listens to the water.  There is nothing more relaxing than listening to a cascading waterfall, she thinks to herself.  She could stay there all day just listening to the water.

Eventually she gets up and hikes back to camp.  It's a pretty easy hike through tall grass on nice level ground.

She comes open a beautiful blue-green creek.  It looks like something out of a fantasy book.  It is so clear and the color is just amazing.  Callie finds campgrounds next to the creek.  This is a gorgeous area, but I think I like my mountain view better.  

Even though she had a nice easy day without much hiking, she is still tired and ready to sleep.  Tomorrow she has to get up early to go fishing!

Check back later for more of Callie's adventure


Sharon said...

Beautiful scenery, such a lovely area to be hiking in.

JGKelsey said...

It is an amazing area. Beautiful scenery all around. Just be careful of bears!