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Journey Girls Pink Dress Review

Journey Girls Outfit Review

A pink dress is a must in a girl’s wardrobe.  The Journey Girls are lucky to have this pink tiered dress from the London collection of the Journey Girls line.  The dress retails for $16.99, but if you watch you can find it for around $12.99.  I really wanted to love this dress…but there were a few issues that made me just like it.

As you look in the package you can see that the set come with the layered, ruffled, bright pink dress, a white cardigan with a ruffled neckline and colored stitching, off-white, flowered sandals, a bright pink headband with a bow on it, and a hanger.

To get the dress out you first have to cut the tape at the top of the box and than slide the backing board that the dress is on out.  

Looking at the back you will see that there are 4 plastic pieces that are held down by tape.  You will need to cut around these the get the shoes out and to release the clear plastic bust that the dress is on.  There are also 5 plastic “I” fasteners that will have to be cut.  Three at the top that are holding the headband on and two about half way down that are holding the cardigan to the board.  

You will need to cut all of the "I" fasteners.  There are 5 in total.
Cut around the plastic flaps to get the sandals out.

Once you have cut all of these things the out fit is free from the backing…but not quite ready to play with.  The cardigan is held to the dress with 4 things of thread.  Two at the top near the neckline and the opening of the cardigan and two at the bottom of the opening on the cardigan.  

If you pull the cardigan away from the dress a little you should be able to snip these with a scissors pretty easily.  Now the outfit is completely free of any attachments.

And here are where the issues start.  Even though I was very careful and did not cut either the cardigan or the dress as I cut the string attaching them, when I pulled the string out, it left a mark on the dress.  

It is not a horrible mark, but it is there.  I washed the dress (because I was worried about color transfer) and the spot is a little less noticeable, but it is still there.   I also noted a small thread that was coming off of the neckline of the dress.  I clipped this and there were no real issues.

Here is my major disappointment with this outfit.  Looking at it in the box it reminds me a lot of Chavonne’s meet outfit from the Paris collection.  Chavonne’s dress is one of my favorite dresses that the Journey Girls come in.  The ruffles go all the way around the dress, giving it a wonderful look.   This dress’s ruffles are only in the front.  I think it does not look as good this way.  It really looks half done…or like the designer changed their minds halfway through the process of making the dress.   It is still a very cute dress and a great outfit.  

I just think it could have been awesome and look more complete if the ruffles went all the way around.  I look at it this way…if this was an American Girl dress the ruffles would go all the way around (that being said…it probably would cost twice as much!)

The sandals are identical (except for the color) to the ones that came with the white lace dress.  These are great sandals.  They are cute, dressy, and help the doll stand really well.  Plus the color is perfect for many, many different outfits.

The headband is simple, but pretty.  I like the flower on it.  It is a full circle type of head band.  The elastic at the back of it is not so large that you can’t move the headband to the side.  Meaning you can have the flower at the middle of the dolls head or the side and still not see the elastic on the headband.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 6 – The dress itself is very cute.  I wish that the ruffles went all the way around.  I am disappointed that the dress was marked by the thread that held the cardigan on.  I also think that the dress is not as nicely made as the white lace dress.  However, the dress is still better made than some other companies’ dresses.

Fitment 10 – The whole outfit fits perfectly.  The cardigan is a wonderful fit.  The dress fits the way that it is supposed to.  The Journey Girl outfits really are the best fitting for these dolls, with both the American Girl and the Our Generation outfits being loose in most cases.

Versatility 9 – Two out of the three accessories to this outfit can be used with a multitude of other outfits.  The cardigan (even with the pink stitching) goes well with many other outfits.  And the sandals go with just about anything.  The dress itself is dressy, but not overly formal (like Jordanna’s blue gown). 

Cuteness 8 – Like I said at the beginning I really wanted to love this outfit…and I did until I took it out of the package.  I was disappointed with the ruffles.  I do not like the way the dress looks from the side or from the back…but straight on this outfit is really cute.  I gave the outfit an 8 because the rest of the outfit is great on its own, and the dress isn’t horrendous…it just could have been better.

Overall 8 – I won’t go over my issues more than I already have.  The outfit could have been better, from the design to the quality.  This is still a wonderful outfit to have in your Journey Girls wardrobe.  The issues I had with the thread may be confined to my dress (I doubt that…but maybe).  Little girls will not be disappointed with this outfit set.  If you can find it on sale…buy it!

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Anonymous said...

I love the cardigan and shoes. But the poor girl has to stand with her back against the wall because of the ruffle situation!