Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Generation Outfit

How well do Our Generation outfits fit Journey Girl Dolls?

The Our Generation line is made for Target.  I really like this line of 18” doll clothes and accessories because of the cost, the variety, and the quality of the clothes.  Most of the clothes fit wonderfully on the Journey Girls.  They are a little big around the waist, but not horrible.  Some of the outfits have had skirts that are way to big and shoes that were much too large.  What I have noticed with this line compared to the Journey Girl line and the American Girl line is that there is not always consistency in craftsmanship.  For instance one dress will be larger than another (close…but off), cloth shoes are tight (in two cases one shoe was tight and the other was not for the same outfit), but plastic shoes are loose, while boots are almost perfect, belts will be large, some headbands will be loose.  Everything fits.  Nothing falls off.  Sometimes they just aren’t the best fit.  I just bought an Our Generation doll (boy do I like the Journey Girls’ face sculpt compared to the Our Generations’) to see if the fitment is an issue on her.  I’ll let you know in future reviews.

Toys R Us releases their outfits in lines.  Right now they are in the London line, before that it was the Paris line.  Target’s Our Generation line seems a little more random.  The line seems to follow the seasons.  Right now there are a lot more spring and summer type of outfits out.  Towards fall I see more coats, dresses with leggings, and outfits with pants.  But as I have gone through Target lately I continue to find winter jackets in with the swimsuits and spring dresses.  The main thing is there are a lot of different outfits to choose from.  Like the Journey Girls line there are two main lines of clothes.  The normal line (which normally costs $12.99 for an outfit) and the deluxe line (which costs $16.99 per outfit).

I found a really cute white dress by Our Generation.  It is called “Belle of it All”.  The set retails for $16.99 at Target.  It comes with a white rosette dress with a black bow at the waist, a pair of black satin shoes, a black purse, a pearl plastic headband, a pearl bracelet, and a hanger.

This dress is gorgeous!!!  If you were not able to get Jordanna with her beautiful gown, or if you are   looking for something similar to her dress…this is it.  The dress is calve length compared to floor length.  It is made with a satin underlay with the tulle rosette layer on top, compared to Jordanna’s all satin rosette dress.  But the look and over all feel of this dress is the same.  A beautiful formal feeling dress.  I see Dana going to a dance, a first Communion, or out to a play in this outfit.  My bow looks like it is upside down.  It doesn’t ruin the dress…it looks goofy to me sometimes, though.

I don’t always like the cloth shoes that come with the Our Generation outfits.  This time though they are pretty good.  I’d still love a better sole on the shoe.  I like the shiny look to the shoes and these ones both fit great.  Plus these shoes go with just about any outfit.

I like the headband, but don’t love it.  The pearls are a little big for my taste.  I think they stand up a little too much and make the headband look like a crown.  It’s very pretty, I personally just don’t like it much.

I do really like the pearl bracelet.  It has ribbon at the end so that the bracelet can be tied onto Dana’s wrist.  The ribbon is just the right length to make a cute bow.  I would have loved a clasp (like Jordanna’s necklace), but I’ll take this over the goofy way that Jordanna’s bracelet fastens.

The purse that comes with this outfit is outstanding.  It has a clasp on the top of it much like an old coin purse.  The clasp even opens and the purse can carry small items!  The only thing I don’t like completely is the ribbon for the strap.  They used a transparent cloth ribbon rather than a solid ribbon.  Very minor issue.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 10 – This is an awesome dress.  It comes with great accessories, it is very pretty and well made, and it is a great price.  As I said earlier, if you missed out on Jordanna’s dress, this is a fabulous alternative.   It is also a great dress for one of the other Journey Girls to wear when they go out with Jordanna.

Fitment 9 – This dress is a little loose at the top.  The shoes fit wonderfully.  The headband and bracelet are perfect.  One of the best dresses that Our Generation makes.

Versatility 8 – Well…the dress is very formal.   So there may be limited times that Dana or the other Journey Girls would wear this dress.  However the accessories are very universal.  The shoes go with anything, as does the purse.  The bracelet and headband can be used for any dressy outfit.  Great accessories!

Cuteness 10 – Hate it!  No…I can’t say enough how much I like this dress.  It is elegant with the tulle rosettes.  The black bow really makes the dress standout.  Cute!

Overall 10 – I bought this dress so that Jordanna had a dress that fit her personality, was similar to her original dress, and could be played with.   This dress fits all of those criteria…and it is super cute!  If you are having a hard time finding this in a Target store they do have it online (as of 6/3/14). also has it packed with 3 other dresses.  Any way you can get this dress…get it (okay, I don’t know that I would pay $40 on eBay for this…but maybe)!

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