Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Generation "Tier I Come Outfit"

Our Generation Outfit Review

Target and Our Generation are doing a really good job of making cute, well made outfits for 18” dolls.  I found another deluxe fashion that I am reviewing today.  The deluxe fashions retail for about $16.99, but go on sale pretty frequently. 

This dress is called “Tier I Come”.  It is an aqua, tiered, semi-formal dress, with tulle flowers on the left shoulder, and a white ribbon and bow around the waist.  The outfit also comes with an elastic headband with a large white flower on it, a white shrug, a pair of glittery shoes, and a hanger.  I was a little disappointed that the set didn’t come with a purse or clutch of some sort, but I have plenty of other purses that can go with this outfit.

Here you can see the tulle flowers on Meredith's shoulder.

The top of the dress is a satin material.  The bottom, skirt part, is also satin, but then has a layer of tulle over that.  I like this dress’s straps because they are a little wider than the pink “bubble dress”.   Making it not as necessary for Meredith to wear the shrug and still look really cute.  There is Velcro up the back to close the dress up.  This dress is not as loose as some of the other dresses that Our Generation makes.  It is still a little bit loose.

When I first saw the flower headband in the package I thought, “Oh my, that is a huge flower!”  Once the head band is on Meredith’s head though it looks just right.  It is super cute and I love the jewel in the middle of the flower.

I have mentioned in some of my other reviews that I am not a huge fan of the fabric shoes that are in the Our Generation fashions.  Well, these shoes are no exception.  One is a different size than the other, making one difficult to get on Meredith’s feet.  They are not very supportive and can hinder Meredith from standing as well as she usually does.  Lastly…I love the glitter, but hate that when I pick Meredith up I will have glitter all over my outfit.  Oh well…shoes are always worth a little sacrifice.

The shrug is a great little addition.  It is just the right size to compliment the dress.  It is a great accessory for lots of different outfits.  It is not real dressy, not too casual…plus it’s white so it goes with just about everything.  It is awesome!

All ratings are out of 10

Value 9 – I really, really like this outfit!  Especially with the blue eyed Journey Girls.  Everything is made really well.  The only thing I wish the outfit had is a purse.  This outfit is a great find for the price.

Fitment 9 – As with other Our Generation outfits, this one is a little loose.  It is one of the better ones for fitment though.  I would say that it close to the same fitment as the pink tiered dress by Journey Girls.  I have noticed that there can be variance from outfit to outfit in the Our Generation line.  So it could be that this particular dress is a little smaller.

Versatility 8 – I think this dress is a little more versatile than the bubble dress.  It’s not quite as formal looking.  Maybe I feel that way because of the larger shoulder straps.  The shoes are great…but may not go with many outfits.  The headband will go with almost anything.  And the shrug is wonderful for making any outfit warmer.

Cuteness 10 – This dress is really cute!  It especially looks good with Meredith and Dana’s blue eyes.  I love how the bottom of the dress flips up a little, giving it a flair.  The tiers are very pretty.  The tulle flowers work.  It’s a wonderful outfit!

Overall 9 – Grab this dress!  If your little one has a blue eyed doll…this is the dress for them.  As you can tell I really like this dress.  It didn’t get a 10 for a couple of reasons.  I’d like to see different shoes (I hate the cloth ones…and ohhh the glitter!), I would have loved to have seen a purse or clutch with the outfit, and I am unsure that every one of the “Tier I Come” dresses will fit as well as mine did.  Those concerns are very minor and should not deter you from getting this dress when you see it!


Anonymous said...

Just love this little girl .

And the dress goes so well with her beautiful blue eyes.

But I do agree with you, I don't care for the misfitting shoes.

Susan French said...

Where did you find the Tier I Come outfit?

JGKelsey said...

It was at Target. It may be hard to find now. I bought it in early spring. You may be able to find it online. Look for the "Our Generation" line at Target.