Monday, June 16, 2014

Rainy day

The weather has been rainy lately, but that hasn't kept the Journey Girls down! Jordanna, Chavonne and Callie went out for a walk in their new rain gear.

Chavonne is wearing a super cute outfit from the My Life collection at Walmart.  The outfit comes with the polk-a-dot pants, yellow and blue boots, a rain jacket (with a hood), an umbrella, and a dog with matching jacket and a hat umbrella.  Chavonne's dog didn't want to come out in the rain…he hates getting his paws wet!

Chavonne sees a puddle that she just has to jump in!

Jordanna is wearing an outfit from the Journey Girls line at Toys R Us.  This outfit is actually an accessory pack that includes the green jacket, pink boots, hat, and a cell phone.  The jeans are from Kelsey's original outfit.

Jordanna loves going for a walk after a good rainstorm!

Callie is dry and stylish in her outfit from the Our Generation collection at Target.  Named "A Spot of Rain", this adorable outfit comes with red boots, a rain jacket, rain hat and a red purse.  Callie loves the fun colors of the polk-a-dots on her rain coat almost as much a she loves stomping through the puddles. 

Callie holds her hands up to the sky, relishing in the bright sun that has peeked out of the storm clouds after the hard rain.

The girls walk through the wet grass, frolicking in the warm sun.  Another great day of adventures for the Journey Girls. 

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Cassandra said...

The girls sure look like they had a fun walk splashing about in their new rain gear!