Saturday, May 9, 2015

Jumping for Joy

Callie Models a New Our Generation Outfit

Another outfit that was released by Our Generation recently is called “Jumping for Joy”.  It comes with a flowered jumper with a square, laced neckline, a red loose knit sweater, a brown striped scarf, and plastic red flats.  The outfit retails for about $14.99, but keep your eyes out and you can get it for less.

The jumper is very cute.  The bottom shorts part fits really well.  It has some elastic at the waist that helps keep it from being loose on the Callie.  The top part is a different story.  Where the lace is in front it is loose.  It kind of puffs out in front.  The shoulder straps are also a little too wide, but not bad.  The lace accent on the neckline is really nice.

The red sweater helps hide the looseness of the jumper.  It fits well and makes sense with this sort of outfit.  It’s nice that it is a lighter looking sweater.  Some of the Our Generation items transfer color if the get damp.  With that in mind, soaking the sweater is a good idea before a special doll wears it.

The scarf is simple, but makes the outfit.  It has two pieces of Velcro in the back.  This way the scarf can be folded over to give it more volume and texture.  The Velcro makes it easy to get on without messing up your dolls hairstyle.  The outfit looks complete with the scarf on.

The shoes are shoes.  They are the wide, flat, plastic shoes that come with a lot of the Our Generation outfits.  They are functional, but are not super cute.  Plus they are really wide, so they fall off easily.  If you are taking your doll out any where these are not the shoes to have on her, as they will probably fall off and get lost.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8– A nice outfit for a good price.  It could come with better shoes.  The top could fit better, but since this is designed for a larger torso doll it’s expectable.

Fitment 8– The top of the jumper is big, but not horrible.  Just loose.  The shoes are big, which should be expected.  Both Our Generation dolls and American Girl dolls have wider feet.  Since this outfit is made for them it makes sense that the shoes are wide on Callie.  The rest of the outfit fits great.

Versatility 9– This is another great everyday outfit.  It’s very cute and could be for play or for hanging out.  The scarf can go with anything as well as the sweater.  The shoes can also go with a lot of other outfits (but really should not).

Cuteness 9 – Very cute!  A great outfit for spring or fall.  Take off the sweater and scarf and it is a summer outfit.  The jumper looks really cute on Callie because of her vinyl breastplate.

Overall 9 – Great outfit for so many things.  It’s nice that it is not pink or purple.  The red is nice.  The neutral scarf is a great accessory for other outfits.  The big complaint is the plastic shoes.  It’s to be expected at this price point though.  If this was a deluxe outfit it could be expected that there would be better shoes.  Get this outfit…especially if it goes on sale.


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Awesome review! :)

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Very cute outfit..looks great on her! :)

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The pictures are so cute! And she looks adorable in that outfit!:)