Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kelsey "Play's it Cool"

Journey Girl Kelsey in an Our Generation Outfit

“Play it Cool” is the name of a new casual outfit from Our Generation.  It retails for $14.99 at Target and fits most 18” dolls.  The outfit comes with a pair of striped shorts, a light fabric, sleeveless blouse, a green spring/fall jacket, a coral headband bow, and pinkish/coral plastic shoes.

The shorts are made of a stiff cotton material.  They are thigh length shorts with thin blue stripes  that are reminiscent of baseball pants.   The shorts are have an elastic waist band that fits great on Kelsey

With a flowered print, the light airy blouse is a perfect spring top.  It is semi transparent (which for a doll doesn’t really matter, but if your doll is modest you could add a tank top underneath), but really can’t be seen through because of the print.

Wow! Is this jacket green!  It is a thick, beautiful Kelly green, textured material.  It has darker green ribbed knit cuffs.  I real zipper goes up the front to keep Kelsey nice and warm when needed.  The jacket sits back on Kelsey’s shoulders and can’t be pulled forward because of how it is sewn.  It is also short (right above the belly button) probably to show off the blouse.  The zipper can be a bit stubborn to get started, but zips up wonderfully once it is started.

The headband has Velcro on the bottom so it can tighten around the dolls head.  The bow is a simple flat bow. Cute and functional.

Shoes are one of the downfalls of most of the “regular” Our Generation outfits.  That is the case with this outfit.  These shoes are so plain and boring.  They are slip on with a strap across the top.  They are huge on Kelsey, mostly because they are made for a doll with much wider feet.  Even on the Our Generation dolls these shoes are big though.  So you may want to switch the shoes out with some other cute ones you have in your collection.


All ratings are out of 10

Value 8– Good quality on everything included with the outfit.  The zipper can be hard to get to get started, but I don’t know that it is because of poor quality.  There are some loose ends inside the shorts, but nothing that wasn’t easily snipped with a scissors.  Only the shoes are a disappointment.

Fitment 8– The shorts are big on Kelsey, but can easily be fixed with some stick on Velcro.  The shoes are huge…and not so pretty.  The jacket fits, but seems to far back for some reason.  Maybe that is the way it was designed.

Versatility 9– Everything can be used for other things.  The outfit looks great without the jacket (although that green is so pretty on Kelsey…who would want to keep it off).  The shorts are a great addition to your dolls wardrobe.  The blouse is pretty and can be a spring or summer top.  And the headband and shoes can be used with a lot of outfits to add a splash of color.

Cuteness 9 – What a great casual outfit!!!  Our Generation has done great lately with giving us livable outfits.  Outfits t hat are cute, but are also useful in an everyday setting.  This is a cute outfit.

Overall 9 – Awesome outfit.  It looks great on all of the Journey Girls.  It has no major flaws.  It has good versatility.  At $14.99 this is a great outfit. At $8.99 it is a wonderful outfit (Target puts the Our Generation outfits on sale for 30% off, plus another 10% for using Cartwheel).  Great deal for a very cute outfit!


Ellie said...

Beautiful pictures and such a cute outfit!

- Ellie

MoooLily said...

This is so cool! I love the vintage look of your pics!
Thanks for showing us such a detailed review!

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Ellie!

Glad you like the blog.