Sunday, May 31, 2015

Song Bird

Chavonne in an Our Generation Outfit

Chavonne is modeling a Deluxe Outfit from Our Generation called “Song Bird”.  The outfit comes with a knee length dress with a muted flower print skirt, and a white top, a light pink knitted cardigan, a bright blue “leather” flower purse, a song bird necklace, and a pair of glittery fabric shoes.

The dress is one piece, but has a distinct top and bottom.  The bottom is made of a shear printed material with a white fabric slip.  The top is sleeveless and is made of a silk like material.  The whole dress is very light and airy compared to the “Out of the Blue” dress that was released at the same time.  There is a coral colored, sparkly bow on the left side of the waist.  The dress doesn’t need the bow, but it is cute. 

The cardigan is a nice soft pink color that matches some of the flowers on the dress.  The cardigan is knit, has puffy sleeves and a fabric liner.  The liner is really helpful when putting the sweater on your doll.  Chavonne’s little fingers didn’t get stuck in the knit holes because of this liner.  Awesome addition to the cardigan! 

The blue purse is definitely a fashion piece.  Not only is it bright blue, but the whole front of the purse is a cloth flower.  Many of the purses from Our Generation have a cloth shoulder strap.  This purse has a chain as a strap.  The purse zips open and closed smoothly.  This purse is definitely not just for holding your dolls things.  It is a clear fashion piece!  Very pretty.

The shoes on the other hand are…blaah!  Fabric shoes are nicer than the plastic ones (although some of the new Our Generation shoes have been great).  These fabric shoes are made okay.  They look more like slippers than shoes and there is not much to them.  And for some reason glitter shoes just seems strange with this outfit.  If the shoes were designed better, maybe the glitter would be okay, but the combination of everything makes these shoes a dud. 

A neat addition is the necklace.  There is a bird (kind of looks like the Twitter bird) on a thin silver chain.  The necklace is good quality.  The bird charm is cute and just the right size.  The clasp can be a little hard to get fastened though.  It's a circle and post clasp.  So you have to put the t-post through the ring, which is a bit hard.  Probably easier then a ring clasp though.


All ratings are out of 10

Value 8 – The dress is made well, even though it is very light.  The cardigan is cute and the addition of the liner is awesome.  A bright blue flower purse is always fun.  This purse is very nice quality.  The shoes are okay, but could have been much better. 

Fitment 8 – Like the blue dress (and most other Our Generation dresses) the waist is big on Chavonne.  Since the top fits, you won’t notice that the dress is big.  The cardigan fits great.

Versatility 7 – The dress is not super dressy and can be used for different events, but Chavonne is not going to go out and play in this outfit.  The cardigan has a lot of potential to be used with other outfits.  Its’ color will compliment many different colors. The purse goes with everything…well maybe not everything, but it is fun and can be used with a lot.  The shoes can be used for glitter bombing.  No, they will go with other outfits.

Cuteness 9 – A very cute airy dress.  This dress feels very spring or summery.  The colors are nice.  As a whole the outfit works really well.

Overall 8 – There are some really great things about this outfit; the cardigan with its’ liner, the dresses design and colors, the purse.  Then there are two things that are not so great; the shoes.  With the beautiful new shoe designs that Our Generation has just released with some of the other outfits it is perplexing why this out fit received these weird shoes.  Most of you probably have a pair of shoes that can be substituted for these…so grab this outfit when you see it and switch out the shoes.

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Emma said...

The dress looks gorgeous on her!:) Your pictures are amazing!