Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sweet Summer

Kyla is Ready for Summer in her New Our Generation Outfit

The last of the recently released outfits from Our Generation is called “Sweet Summer”.  It is a wonderful summer outfit with some of the best sandals in a set at this price.   The outfit comes with some pink Capris with blue flowers printed on them, a white lace top with a ruffled bottom, blue sunglasses, a pink beaded bracelet, and pink plastic sandals with a bow on the heel.

Our Generation did a great job of pairing a very plain (but pretty) top with some wild print Capris.  The pants are a nice think material with printed blue and white roses on them.  They have an elastic waist which makes it so they fit Kyla perfectly. 

The top has two layers so that the laces holes don’t go all the way through.  This is a bigger, simpler lace pattern with the holes making a simple circle pattern.  There are two thinner ruffles that run down the middle of the top.  The bottom of the top flairs out and is ruffled also.  The top goes below Kyla’s waist, so it’s almost like a dress.

Glasses are hit or miss with Our Generation.  Some of them fit fine, some of them are huge, and some of them are small.  These seem to be a little small on Kyla’s face.  Just by a small fraction.  They still look okay.  The bracelet is nice; nothing fancy, but it’s nice.  It stretches to fit on Kyla's wrist.  It's made of pink plastic beads in a scattered pattern, rather than straight rows.  It could be used in her hair also.

These sandals are very different than other Our Generation sandals.  Sure they are plastic…but they have two different colors!  The upper part of the shoe is pink plastic, while the sole of the shoe is tan.  The design is also unique.  It looks like a flat dress shoe at first, but the back is open with a strap across the heal, and a bow in the middle of the strap.  A very cute shoe…especially with a non deluxe outfit.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 8– The pants are made really well.  The top is made well; there are a few loose ends on the stitching, but nothing horrible.  The new sandals are awesome.  And it’s nice that the outfit comes with a couple accessories.

Fitment 9– The outfit itself fits wonderfully.  The shoes, like all Our Generation shoes, are big.  And as mentioned before, the glasses are a little small.  Overall a great outfit though.

Versatility 8– The accessories go with everything.  The top is very versatile and with a nice sweater could be used in the spring and fall.  The pants are definitely for summer, but there are a decent amount of other tops that could go with these pants.

Cuteness 9 – Another nice casual summer outfit.  It is nice to see Our Generation making a variety of dresses and non dresses for the dolls.  This is a very cute active outfit.  Kyla looks gorgeous in it!

Overall 9 – Another 9!  Close to perfect, just not quite.  This is a wonderful outfit for the price.  It has good versatility, will look cute on all of the Journey Girls, fits well, and adds some nice accessories to your collection.  Pick it up when you see it at Target!

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