Monday, February 27, 2017

An American Girls Mega Blocks Set

 Jordanna Puts Together a Mega Blocks Set

While at Toys R Us looking at outfits, Jordanna came across this cute little American Girls Grace building block set.  Mega Blocks are now made by Mattel, so it makes sense that they would have American Girl sets, especially with the recent success of the  Lego Friends franchise.

 Jordanna really like the packaging, especially the fact that she can see the Grace figure from the outside.  She looked at a few packages to find the right one, since some of the figures eyes were not printed correctly.   Jordanna also likes how simple it is to open the back of the box and get bags of pieces out.

She cuts open the plastic bags and spreads out the pieces on the floor.  This is a smaller set, with only 84 pieces in it.  Jordanna is very careful though, since some of the pieces are tiny.

Following the easy instructions she builds Grace's pastry cart, with only a few issues.  Some of the pieces the cart pull apart when adding other pieces onto them, but nothing too bad.  Everything fits together nicely.  Before she knows it, Jordanna is finished with her new set and is ready to play.

What a cute little set!  Jordanna loves the looks of the set.  It doesn't stick together quite as well as some of her Friend sets, but it's still really nice.  And it's fun to play with!


Sharon said...

How cute! And Jordanna looks very intent whilst putting the set together.
She's a very sweet girl. Love her dress too :)

Melody Silverleaf said...

Adorable. Nice review of the product.