Monday, February 20, 2017

Silver Sequin Celebration Dress

Chavonne Wearing the "Silver Sequin Dress with Blue Tulle Overlay"

Yes that is really the name of the outfit.  Yes, it is a good explanation of the outfit.  Yes, Toys R Us needs to put some creativity into naming their outfits!

Okay, let's move on to the review.  Like most of the Celebration outfits that Toys R Us has put out, this one comes with very little other than the dress.  There is the dress, a headband, some fancy sandals, and a clutch.  Is this pretty little outfit worth the pretty pennies it costs?

Before reviewing the outfit let's take a quick look at the packaging.  Like all Journey Girls outfits, this outfit comes in a box with a plastic window on the front.  When you pull the cardboard backing out of the packaging you will notice that the dress is held on to the backing by an exorbitant amount of I-tabs.

Finding them is a bit of a challenge.  The fabric is so delicate that if you don't cut the I-tabs you could ruin the fabric.  So be careful and find all of the I-tabs.

At first glance this dress looks to be one of the simplest "Celebration" outfits that has been released.  It is basically an a-line top with a tule skirt.  The reality is it is a silver sequined knee length skirt with a light blue tule skirt over that.

Adorning the entire cloth part of the dress, the sequins are a silver cheerio shaped.  The bodice of the dress has a light blue, almost white over lay of tulle.  I love this because it keeps the sequin from snagging on other material.

At both shoulders there are gathered tulle ruffles.  There is a silver sewn in belt that goes around the waist and starts the tulle dress.

The pale blue tulle is in fact two layers about mid calf length. You can see the skirt through the tulle, which is a neat fashion.  Wish the tule skirt came off so that this outfit converted.

The headband is a flat, wavy, silver multiple cord band, with cheerio sequins sewn into the middle of it.  There is a small section of elastic sewn into the back of the headband to allow it to stretch over Chavonne's hair.  Very simple, but pretty.

I can best describe the clutch as a clam.  Yes...a silver, sequined clam. It is a 1/3 circle that is folded over on one edge and clasped together with velcro on the open edge.

The fabric waves back and forth making this clutch look like a clam.  Open it up and the only thing you can fit in is a small single pearl.  It's tiny!  The wrist cord is a rope like material.  It would be nice to have more of a ribbon, but this looks okay.

Sandals have become the new flats for Journey Girls.  Meaning, the majority of the outfits come with some fancy sandals.  These sandals have silver sparkly ribbon that matches the dresses belt.  It goes around the ankle and then two straps across the top of the foot.

The strap around the ankle has velcro and attaches to the sole by way of a silver piece of fabric that covers Chavonne's heal.  The same style of sandal that comes with  many of the outfits right now.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 7 - Even though there is not much to this set, it is still worth the money.  It would be awesome if the tulle skirt was removable (similar to Ilee's skirt), but it's not necessary.  A good purse would be nice also.  Or get rid of the purse and give us something else.

Fitment 10 - This outfit fits perfectly.  No issues, which is how it should be for a Journey Girls made product.

Versatility 7 - Like all of the "Celebration" outfits this one has limitations.  Although I think this dress could be used as a dance outfit just as easily as it can be used as a fancy dress.  The shoes and headband can be used with many other outfits.  And the purse is versatile, but it's not really the best purse.

Cuteness 8 - I love this outfit on Chavonne.  It looks amazing on her!  It looks great on the other Journey Girls also, but it really shines on Chavonne.  Simple in design, and a little different than many of the other "Celebration" outfits, this one stands out as a fashion piece.  Very nice, cute dress.

Overall 8 - A solid 8!  The outfit is very pretty, is made well, has a cute design, comes with decent accessories, and fits!  If the tulle skirt came off this would be an amazing outfit!  Plus maybe a different purse. would be nice to see some new shoes, but I've made my piece with adding shoes from other companies for my Journey Girls.  Overall a great piece to pick up on sale.

AG Note
This dress is form fitting for the Journey Girls...actually it is a little tight to get on and off.  The dress just barely fits on an AG dolls waist.   There is no way to close the back of the dress and the skirt is so tight that you won't be able to sit your doll or move her legs.   

The headband fits (no surprise).  The purse can be held, but can't go around your dolls wrist.  As with all of the other Journey Girls shoes, they do not fit AG dolls.  

This outfit is not a good outfit to buy if you want one for your American Girl and your Journey Girls since it is really only going to fit your Journey Girls.  If you love the outfit, it is worth it just for your Journey Girls though.


Farrah Lily said...

Wow, I still can't get used to the Chavonne's new hair! Is her face mold still the same?
Either way, gorgeous doll, gorgeous outfit and nice review! I haven't bought any JG clothing in ages (I don't think I've even been in a TRU since this summer...ahh!) so I will have to check out their website. I really appreciate you doing these honest clothing reviews. It helps to see real photos of the doll wearing them. My poor Meredith still only has her meet outfit that she came with! ;)

JGKelsey said...

Yeah, I love her new and old hair equally. They are two different dolls, really.

She seems to have the same face mold...mine is kind of squished in, but I love her still.

Well if you were at TRU after the July JG release, nothing has really changed. They still have the same items out. Glad you like the review. I am so glad that they are helpful.