Thursday, February 2, 2017

New York Overalls Outfit

Jordanna Squeezes Into a New Outfit.

There is an interesting array of outfits that were released this year for the Journey Girls.  One of the outfits is a jeweled pair of overalls with a stripped shirt, headband, shoes, and a purse (well more of a clutch).  It is not the fanciest outfit, it’s not super original, but it is cute!

The t-shirt is pretty standard.  It is a light gray base with black horizontal stripes.  The sleeves are a strange length, coming to just below Jordanna’s elbows.  Not quite a long sleeve shirt, but not really a long sleeve shirt.  It looks like it has been rolled up, without a cuff.  

The shirt goes on easily since it is Velcro all the way up the back.  In my opinion all of the shirts should be this way.  It’s so nice not to slide the shirt up Jordanna’s leg to put it on.  The bottom of my shirt always flips up on the back corner, probably because of how it was packaged.  I would suggest soaking this shirt since it has black in it and Toys R Us still has an issue with dye transfer.

Toys R Us has improved the overalls…a little bit.  The color of the denim is a beautiful light blue.  There is brown stitching accenting on the seams and outlining the pockets on the front of the overalls.  All of the pockets are fake, except the one on the front, which can hold one small item.  There are three small red jewels on the pocket in a wide “V”.  

Unfortunatley the straps are sewn to the front flap.  It would be amazing to have buttons, snaps, something to hook the straps rather than having them attached all the time.  The most disappointing thing about the overalls is that they barely fit (or at least the pair that I have barely fit).  Pulling the overalls up became a huge challenge as the lower part of the pants got to the bend at Jordanna’s ankle.  

Pulling on the overalls’ leg at Jordanna’s calf was the only way to get the pants on.  That should not happen with an outfit made for the Journey Girls!!!

Included with the outfit is a simple black jersey cloth headband.  The fabric is twisted at the top with a band of elastic at the back to easily put it on Jordanna's head.  Simple but very pretty.

The purse that comes with the outfit is a very interesting little purse.  I would call it more of a clutch than a purse.  It's made of a leather like material with three different colors; red, silver, and black.  It also has a small little handle made to go around Jordanna's wrist, which it barely does.  The tiny flap folds over the top, latched with a piece of velcro.  It's a cute little clutch, but it is so flat that it cannot hold anything in it.

This style of shoe has not appeared with many outfits, but it's still nothing new.  The low heeled shoes have a high back and a strap around the ankle, all done in a bright red plastic.  They go very well with the outfit, really bringing out the accents on the overalls.

All ratings are out of 10

Value 6 - For the amount that you pay for this outfit and since it is from Journey Girls, it is disappointing that it doesn't fit the way that it should.  You are getting quite a few pieces; the t-shirt, overalls, clutch, headband, and shoes.  But without the main piece fitting well it's not worth as much.

Fitment 5  - Journey Girls outfits have consistency fitment issues.  This outfit, the overalls are so tight they are almost impossible to get around the ankle of the dolls.  Again, because of the consistency issues that I have seen in the past it's hard to tell if the outfit in general doesn't fit or if it just this one.  The rest of the outfits pieces fit wonderfully.  But the overalls should fit too.

Versatility 7 - The outfit has pieces that would go with just about anything, including the t-shirt and the shoes.  The headband is also a very universal piece that will go with anything.  Unfortunately the glaring fitment issues with the overalls makes them very frustrating to use with any other outfit.

Cuteness 8 - Though the overalls are a pain to get on, they are very cute, with the pretty blue denim color and the jewel accents.  It's great that the front pocket is able to hold something.  Separate the outfit is not extraordinary, but all together it makes for a very cute outfit.

Overall 6 - A low score for a Journey Girls outfit.  Fitment has been an issue in the past with Journey Girls outfits, but this time it is much more than a small inconvenience, it is a pain.  A sleeve being tight around the cuff is understandable, but the whole pants leg and cuff being so tight it can barely be put on, is not.  When the outfit is on, it is very cute, getting it on is no fun.  If the overalls fit, this would have closer to a 9 rating.  It is a really cute outfit that has great pieces and can be used for many occasions.  Hopefully the fitment is an issue with just this set, which is very likely the case.  It is still worth picking up, just know that if your little one is playing with this outfit, you may need to lend a hand to get it on.

AG Note - With all of the issues that this outfit has on the Journey Girls, it is expected that the same issues will show up with the American Girl dolls.  Plus the fact that Journey Girls shoes do not fit American Girls.  This outfit is not a good pick to share with your other 18" dolls.  Besides the headband, the only other thing that fits is the shirt, and even that is tight.  Not worth the money if you are only going to use it on a non-Journey Girls doll.


Anonymous said...

My set was also too tight, hoping it stretches with use

JG Mom said...

I just got this outfit and Jordanna today. The shirt was a bit snug and I gave up after a struggle trying to get the overalls past her feet. However, New York Meredith fits into them very well.