Wednesday, February 8, 2017

An Intense Game

Jordan and Megan Play Ping Pong

On a cold, wintery, February day, when the wind was howling and the air was so cold it froze the air inside your lungs, Jordanna sat at home trying to figure out what to do with herself.  

"I wonder if Megan would want to come over?" she thought to herself.  Getting on her cell phone she called her friend up, hoping that se would save her from the pit of boredom that she was in.

"Sure, I'll come over." Megan told Jordanna with enthusiasm.  Minutes felt like hours as the time drug on until Megan arrived.  After some contemplation of what to do the girls decided that a spirited game of ping-pong was in order.  "As long as I get to serve first", teased Megan.

"Okay...I'll let you get a few points, before a decimate you!"  Jordan ribbed.

"Oh!  That's how it's going to be", Megan joked as she served a rocket of a ball across the table at Jordanna.

The ball cruised past Jordanna without her even trying to swing at it.  Her eyes widened as she trash talked Megan.  "Dang Daniel! Do you have a bionic arm?"

"Oh sorry..I'll slow it down for you.  Maybe that way you can hit it."  They both laughed as Megan served again.  This time Jordanna was ready and chopped the ball back to her.

A volley ensued that rivaled the Iliad in length.  With Megan coming out the victor again as Jordanna made a costly mistake and hit the ball into the net. 

Soon it was Jordanna's turn to serve.  Not a strength server like Megan, Jordanna knows how to curve the ball and hit the edges of the table.  Her first serve barely clears the net and then slides low on Megan's side, making it impossible for Megan to get under it.

"Ace!" Jordan exclaims.

"Did you know that "ace" means "one"?" Megan asks.  "As in that is the "one" point you are going to get this game."  Both girls laugh, Jordanna preparing for her next serve.

Back and forth the ball goes, along with banter between Megan and Jordanna.  The laugh at the good natured teasing as the score goes up.

Back and forth, back and forth.  Over the net.  Barely on the table.

Back and forth.  Back and forth.  The ball taps the net and limps over for a point. A volley that makes both girls have to catch their breath afterwards.

Back and forth.  Back and forth.  A loop from Jordanna, that makes Megan shake her head.

Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Megan drives the ball hard down the line forcing Jordanna to lean forward to return the ball.  To which Megan replies with a simple little flick that puts the ball in the opposite corner.

But Jordanna comes back on the next serve with a smash that makes Megan exclaim, "I think you broke the ball with that smash!  That was awesome!"

Jordan smiles as she serves for match point. Her ball corkscrews over the net, hitting the table and veering to the left.

Somehow Megan gets there and puts some english on the ball that makes it spin the opposite way that Jordanna had curved it.

Jordanna returns the ball with a push shot that has so much backspin the ball almost comes back to her after hitting on Megan's side.  Megan has no chance to hit it.

"Woo hoo!" Jordan screams, jumping up and down.  Suddenly stopping, with a sullen face she puts her hand out to Megan, "I mean...good game.  Good game."

"You are such a dork." Megan says, rolling her eyes.  Both of them begin laughing.

"Come on let's go get something to drink.  You took it out of me!" Jordanna puts her arm around Megan's shoulders and leads her upstairs to get a drink.  "We'll have to play again...and this time I'll let you win."  Megan shook her head and rolled her eyes as the climbed the stairs.  The both laughed again.


Nonna @ said...

Love it! Fabulous photography! Thank you

Farrah Lily said...

Wow, great photography! I love that the ball is in "mid air" and that one pic of Jordanna looking right at it is amazing! Cute story. :)

Melody Silverleaf said...

Fab-u-lous! Love this post. Imaginative and super cool!