Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dana's 2nd Day at Mackinac Island

Dana Visits Fort Holmes and Arch Rock

Mackinac Island has two forts; Fort Mackinac, the larger and more modern fort, and Fort Holmes, a British fort built in 1812.  Dana visits Fort Holmes on her second day on Mackinac Island.

The fort sits on the highest point on Mackinac Island.  It is a simple log and earthen building that was restored to it's former glory within the last few years.

The views from the fort are amazing.  Mackinac Bridge and Round Island can be seen from the lookout point near the fort.  Dana can't believe how beautiful the fall colors are.   The landscape is full of oranges, yellows and reds.

As Dana gets ready to walk down the hill a gigantic barge floats between Mackinac and Round Island.  

Dana poses by the 100 stairs that go from the top of the hill at Fort Holmes down to the trails on the main part of the island.

A light snow covers some of the grassy areas on the hill.

Dana goes back to the hotel and picks up Shia.  She takes him for a walk down some of the trails on the inside of the island.  The trail leads through the forest to the lakeshore.  Dana walks along the lakeshore, enjoying the view of the lake.

Shia is loving the walk along the shore.   Dana and Shia walk until they reach Arch Rock.  A huge arch formed long ago by wind and water.

Dana sits on the rocky shore with Shia, petting him, listening to the waves crash against the rocks, and admiring the amazing view.

As they walk back to the hotel Dana spies a beautiful woodpecker hunting for bugs on one of the trees. Shia is glad to back at the hotel, as is Dana.  But she can not wait to explore more of the island the next day.

Check back for more of Dana's trip to Mackinac Island!


clarascraftcorner14 said...

Looks like Dana is having a great time!

Sharon said...

Another lovely bunch of photos, Dana appears to be having a super holiday on Mackinac Island :)

Farrah Lily said...


JGKelsey said...

Thanks. It's easy to take beautiful photos when the scenery is so amazing.

JGKelsey said...

Tons of fun! :)

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Sharon. It is a great place to holiday. Especially in the fall when the colors are so pretty.