Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dana's Mackinac Island Trip: Day 3

Dana Takes a Bike Trip Around the Island

Dana puts Shia LaWoof in her bicycle's basket and heads out for the 8 mile trip around the island.

The lake is bright blue and clear as glass.  When Dana stops, she can see the rocks at the bottom of the lake for what seems like hundreds of feet out.

Dana rides all the way around the island to a place called "Crack in the Island."  The rocks seem to have split apart, creating a chasm 6 feet deep.  According to a plaque by the site there are more of these on the island, some of them being very,very deep.

Dana rides towards the bluffs as Shia runs around, following behind.  The roads are nice and smooth, probably because there is no car traffic.

Dana can't believe how amazing the trees look.  In some places the branches hang over the road forming a tree tunnel.

As Dana comes out of the forest as he rides past some of the huge houses that are on the island.  Mackinac Island was originally a vacation spot with cottages, but as people discovered it's charm, larger and larger houses were built.  Shia gets tired and barks, wanting to get back in the basket.

This house reminds Dana of the White House.

Shia and Dana come back towards the hotel, passing houses with white picket fences as they go.

Dana drops off Shia and heads back out, this time going to a nearby stable.  She decides that it is time to try the other mode of transportation: a horse. 

 Dana gets to go on a carriage ride with a wonderful horse named Mabel pulling her along.

Mabel takes her on a short trip through the middle of the island, where the trees line the streets.  Mabel doesn't need any direction as to where to go, she just knows the route.  At the end of the trip Dana pets Mabel, saying goodbye.  Before she leaves she notices a hitching post that looks like a horse.

 Another day is coming to an end and Dana has had another wonderful time.

Dana explores more of the island another day…check back soon for more!


Sharon said...

What a lovely trip around the island Dana is having, she must have been tired though, 8 miles is a long ride for such little legs ;)
The lake looks beautiful.
I love her dungarees too, very pretty!

clarascraftcorner14 said...

Oh my goodness, these pictures are amazing! Dana's outfit is adorable. <3

Farrah Lily said...

Dana is certainly getting in a lot of exercise...good for her! That lake looks gorgeous. :)

JGKelsey said...

Thanks Sharon! Luckily the ride is pretty flat. Plus there were so many places to stop and take in the views...Dana didn't get too tired. 😀

JGKelsey said...

Thanks. The outfit is from Our Generation and it is super cute. It is one of my favorite outfits.

JGKelsey said...

Dana definitely got a lot of exercise. It is neat to experience what it was like before we could use cars to travel everywhere.

The lake is beautiful! And super clear because it is so cold.