Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dana's Mackinac Island Adventure

Day 1 of Dana's Visit to Mackinac Island

Dana is super excited for her trip…and so is Shai LaWoof, her puppy.  Dana puts her bags in the trunk of the car, then she puts her seatbelt on and straps Shai in also.  Waving goodbye to the house we set off on the 8 hour trip to Mackinc Island.

There are only a few ways to get to the island from the mainland, the most common is by boat.  Most visitors, including us, use one of the ferries to get across the great lake, Lake Huron.    

"This is so much fun!" Dana squealed as the boat bounced over the waves towards the island.

Once the boat arrived at the dock, Dana sat on the dock for a few photos.

She can see Fort Mackinac from the dock.  "I so want to go there?  It looks really neat!  Look at that cool anchor.  Take a picture of me by it."

After stopping at the hotel to drop off the luggage and Shai, we head off to explore the island.

Mackinac Island has no motorized vehicles on it (well it has some construction trucks, but no private vehicles).  Since 1898 there are two main ways to get around the island: by horse or by bike.  Dana explores the island on her bike today.

Main Street runs along the coast near the docks and is where most of the shops are located.  Dana rides along the street looking into the shop windows, lingering as she rides past a fudge shop.

Mackinac Island was a summer getaway for many people.  It remains a summer getaway for people, but is mostly a tourist destination.  Dana rides past some of the beautiful cottages on the lakeshore.

Dana rides along the boardwalk, amazed at the site of the Mackinac Bridge.

She decides to take a break from riding and throw a few rocks into the lake.  She tries to skip a few, but the waves are too big and they just splash into the water.  It doesn't matter though…it's fun no mater what.

After throwing a few rocks into the lake, Dana hops back onto her bike and heads back towards the hotel.  She rides only the boardwalk admiring the beautiful houses.

She stops at Marquette Park, looking up at Fort Mackinac.  It is high up on the bluff. She can't wait to go to see the fort tomorrow.

As the day dies down, Dana settles into bed.   "Ohhh….I can't wait for tomorrow!"

 Stay tuned for more of Dana's vacation.


Sharon said...

What a lucky girl Dana is to be able to go on such a nice trip, AND take her dog and bicycle! I look forward to seeing more of her adventures on Mackinac Island.

Anonymous said...

What a lucky girl! I hope to go there someday.

Emma said...

These pictures are beautiful! Dana looks like she had a lot of fun! I love her outfit and her bike!:)

Farrah Lily said...

Gorgeous photos, JK!! Dana is so smart to have brought her bike. Looks like a lot of fun. :) You are so good at taking photos in public! :)

JGKelsey said...

Thanks! Her bike is from Our Generation. It is amazing. It's got great detail and is made very well.

JGKelsey said...

Farrah Lily, I go out early before too many other people are out. Otherwise it's too hard.