Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dana's Last Day on Mackinac Island

Dana Makes One Last Bike Trip on Mackinac Island

Dana wakes up early on her last day, excited for the adventures that await.  She rides her bike down to the shoreline to watch the sunrise one last time on this trip.

The waves are so serene.  The pastel colors of the rising sun reflect off the waves as they crash against the shore.  The lighthouse on Round Island flashes its light as it whirls around.  Dana feels like she could relax here all day.

She walks further down the shore, coming across a kite, sailing in the air, tied to a tree so it doesn't get whisked away.

Dana looks back down the shoreline towards the hotel.  What a beautiful view.  If only she had a few more days…but today is her last, so she must make it count.

The sun gets high enough that the color fades from the clouds.  The sun is bright and warm, but the wind is really strong.  Dana finds one of the many shops along Main Street and buys a Mackinac Island sweater.  She loves the one she found because it has a horse on the front.

Dana poses on the huge front lawn of one of the hotels.  She can only imagine how busy this must be when it is summer.

Dana loves the look of the different houses.  Lots of different styles and colors.  Many of the houses on the main part of the island have been converted to hotels or Bed and Breakfasts.  It's hard to imagine some of these huge houses are for one family.

Getting on her bike Dana heads out for one last ride down the coast.  The wind is so strong that it pushes her sideways as she rides.

The wind is just a little too strong today for Dana to go on a long bike ride.  She stops by the Mackinac Island State Park sign to get a photo.

Then goes down to the shore to see the waves.

Wow they are big!  She stays up higher on shore, not wanting to get wet from the splashes.

Finally it is time to go.  Dana boards the ferry and heads back to the mainland.  As they head out she has a great view of the gigantic Grand hotel.

The ride back is very bumpy with the waves almost 5 feet high in some places.  They crash over the front of the boat, flooding the second floor with water.  As the boat nears the shore the waves calm a little bit, but not much.

Dana gets off the boat, gets buckled in the car with Shia, and is ready to go home.  She is excited to see some of the fall colors on the drive back home, but about an hour into the 8 hour trip home…she falls asleep.  Dana had a great trip to Mackinac Island.

Hope you enjoyed the trip too!


clarascraftcorner14 said...

Looks like Dana had a wonderful trip!

Farrah Lily said...

This looks like such a gorgeous place to visit. My husband and I also took a fall trip to the ocean and it was a lovely time of year to be by the water. I give you so much credit for taking so many wonderful doll photos during your trip!! Dana is such a lucky girl. :)

Sharon said...

What a wonderful trip Dana has had, the weather looks to have been good the whole time, and she's seen some lovely things and it was great of her to share them with us!
I love her new sweater! I think she's going to have a lot to tell the rest of the Journey Girls once she finally gets home!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting Dana's travelogue. I've always wanted to go there. Seeing Dana have so much fun makes me want to plan a trip sometime soon.

JGKelsey said...

I miss the ocean...but this was a good second! I am an early I'm up before everyone else to take photos. By the time I'm done the rest of the family is up!

JGKelsey said...

You should definitely go. It is beautiful and it has a lot of wonderful history! Glad you enjoyed the post.

JGKelsey said...

Dana's new sweater actually came on a stuffed horse, but it fits her perfectly. The girls always like sharing their adventures with each other.

American Girl Doll Crafter said...

Wow, gorgeous photos!I love her outfit. :)
-American Girl Doll Crafter